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    I had a similar idea towards your Reputation idea: Favors. Essentially a get out of jail free card, you can call in a favor to make bad thing go away, things like negating/reducing damage fines, avoiding jail time (assuming theres like some sort of between scenario events), stopping Peck from doing a field inspection, things like that. Ways to earn Favor could be like doing a bust for charity, helping Mayor Lenny's campaign somehow, do some sort of publicity stunt, etc. Essentially giving up in game time and/or money to gain favors. A lot of it would be subject to how everything else is set up, as far as events and money go.

    I think something like would be neat.

    I also had an idea for a type of event card or scenario modifier: R&D Grants. They basically give you a set of goals to complete in a scenario and reward you with money towards upgrading/buying equipment or possibly giving you new equipment (however that works). The basic premise is these could be some third party investors willing to invest only if you can show them that you'll do something with it. As Ray put it: "I've worked the private sector. They expect results."

    Some examples:
    Collect ectoplasmic samples - Win a scenario with 4 or more slime tokens on the Ghostbusters.
    Add entries to a new spirit guide - Win a scenario with a Class 1, 2, and 3 ghost in your traps.
    Field test a new prototype - Trap a class 3 or greater ghost on your own using [Some specific equipment].
    Thesis on extradimensional portals - Be adjacent to a gate when it gets closed.

    The goals could probably be made more complex than this, but these are just a rough idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattMurdock View Post
    I had another thought about something that could be included, and that is Reputation. (On a scale of 0 - 7 or so).
    Basically when you complete a job successfully, you can a reputation point, if you botch one, then you lose rep. If at any point you reach 0 reputation then Peck will shut you down.
    If we had players able to use rep to influence cash - i.e. choose not to pay for damages on a job, lose 1 rep point. Or only charge half the amount for a job, gain a rep point, players could have yet another way to gain cash, or continue from a failed job, but still have a penalty to deal with.
    Thinking of starting at reputation 2ish?

    Also, could this alter the amount paid during missions? or additional complications that happen during missions showing harder jobs?

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    I could see new elements opening up as rep raises. Peck didn't show up until they got enough attention to have the government take notice in the movie, having enough rep could have people more willing to help you (suppose a part of a scenario gets opened up/closed off depending on how willing the police are to close off a street for you).

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    I like that idea. Too little reputation they can not use/maintain upgraded equipment .... to much and they get noticed by too many people.

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    Suppose there's not a fixed price for Class 1s, etc. but instead a Job Card tells you how much you get for the captured ghost(s), with different values on each card. With a higher Rep you can draw two or three cards and select the one you choose to present to the city (or client) for the bill.

    As for XP mattering after reaching L5, I've played with the idea of situations in which Ghosts could have means of causing damage in the form of costing an injured Ghostbuster 1 XP. My custom character card for me has an L5 ability that gives all Ghostbusters +1 to proton rolls, but also all Ghostbusters lose 1 XP when pushed while they're already Slimed. I may change it so the +1 is only against Ghosts (not for Gates) and the -1 XP is only when getting pushed when you have 3 Slime tokens.

    I'd also love a way to spend XP to buy +1 to a critical roll or to buy a reroll, sort of like the Brownie Points system from the old RPG, but I haven't played enough times to get a feel for what would be worth losing XP. Perhaps this would be something that can only be done by L5s and only with excess XP.

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