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    Economic/expanded gameplay addition

    So I had a random thought that it might be cool if you could expand the gameplay beyond just the ghost busting to actually have to run the business aswell? i.e. each mission or ghost you bust is worth a set amount i.e. $200 for a class 1, but each time you "miss" a ghost you take a damage token (cause that proton beam has to go somewhere right?), and for each damage token the team has they loses $100 from the final payout for the job. Inbetween missions players can choose to each draw a single chance card (to represent what their character might have got upto inbetween the jobs) which has real life things (and from the films) that could gain or lose you money, or XP points. e.g. You go to an orchestra performance, spend $50. Or, you repair Ecto 1's brakes, spend $50 but gain 1XP. Or, You appear on a TV show, gain $150.

    The goal could be that the team has to raise X amount of money in a set number of missions in order to upgrade the containment unit to meet some new standard that Peck is introducing, otherwise they will be shut down. You could have a shuffled deck of missions to play from and each turn the team draws 3 cards and chooses one to attend, so you would have to balance if you go for a cheap easy job, or that really tough, but potentially lucrative job.

    What do you guys think?

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    Hi MattMurdock,

    I like it. I look forward to seeing some samples of the "chance" cards and items to spend your hard earned cash on.

    Mataio Wilson
    Lead Design, Ghostbusters: The Board Game

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    This is similar to the old Atari video game, where you had to raise somuch money. Hmmm....

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    I like the idea.

    Of course, I like it more if they get to spend the money on improved tech.

    See also the latest Video Game.

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    Here are some upgrade card ideas. Note that the header e.g. proton pack is the type of upgrade and that you (a Ghostbuster) cant have more than one type of each type upgrade (except for Ecto-1, which can have two). So you couldnt have two proton pack upgrades. The prices are just ballpark to show how expensive vs each other they can be. Also, in order for traps to be upgradable I came up with two ideas - one is that standard traps can only hold 7 classes worth of ghosts combined, or 3 individual ghosts, whichever limit comes first, and that every time you trap a ghost you must roll a proton dice and get a result that is equal or higher than the combined ghost class level already in the trap - otherwise the traps integrity fails and all the ghosts already in the trap come out!. (So it makes busting multiple ghosts with full traps more risky!)

    Proton Pack: Overcharged cyclotron - your combat line of sight is increased by one (to a maximum of 4). $1000
    Proton Pack: Calibrated capture beam - When rolling a hit result where a ghost would move towards you, you may instead move the ghost in any direction. $500
    Proton Pack: Ion disruptors - When attacking a ghost, reduce the number of streams required to capture it by 1 $1400
    Proton Pack: Fine tuned emitter - You may add +1 to your combat rolls $1200

    Ghost trap: High voltage capacitors - you may store upto to 6 Ghosts in a trap (upto a combined class level of 7). Add +1 to your trap integrity rolls. $500
    Ghost trap: Interference insulation - your trap is immune to special effects (e.g. leaking ghosts, reduced integrity effects) $500

    Ecto-1: Proton blaster - instead of getting into Ecto-1, a single character may use a manuver to man the Proton blaster on the roof. This acts as a dual proton stream (rolls 2 dice simultaniously) adding a stream from the character for each hit. Misses are resolved as a single miss. The character is treated as outside; but ontop of the vehicle, even though their miniature is placed on the Ecto-1 card. Apart from shooting, the character is subject to the same restrictions and rules (e.g sliming) as characters travelling inside the vehicle. $2000
    Ecto-1: Slime-shield - Characters inside the Ecto-1 are immune to additional slime whilst in the vehicle $1500
    Ecto-1: Supercharger - Ecto-1 may now move 8 spaces. $250
    Ecto-1: Feedback pulse - A character inside Ecto-1 may spend an action to trigger a feedback pulse. All ghosts (class 4 or less) within 2 squares move 2 spaces directly away from Ecto-1. $400
    Ecto-1: Distraction beam - A character inside Ecto-1 may spend an action to trigger a distraction beam at a ghost in line of sight. This triggers a "when missed" result on that ghost. $400

    (see Slimeblower thread for details)
    Slimeblower: Auxilary tanks - Your positively charged slime capacity increases from 6 to 9 tokens. $600
    Slimeblower: Freeflow nozzle - You may increase the number of slime tokens placed by 1. $500
    Slimeblower: Pressure booster - You may place 'adjacent' slime tokens beyond your line of sight. $550

    Jumpsuit: Absorbant polymers - You may discard 1 slime from yourself for free each turn $600
    Jumpsuit: Repellent polymers - You may discard the first slime token dealt to you in a turn. $800

    Other gear:
    Ecto Goggles: You may add +1 to your proton rolls $500
    PKE Meter: As an action you may "scan" a ghost in line of sight, gain 1XP. Place a PKE token under the ghost, any ghostbusters who attack this ghost may add 1 to their combat roll. $800
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    Chance cards:

    You go an see an Orchestra performance, spend $50.

    You make a guest appearance at a birthday party, gain $50.

    You make a TV commercial. Pay $150 but draw 4 job cards on the next round.

    EPA inspection, roll a dice.
    4-6 You bluff them off, gain 1XP.
    1-3 Pay a $200 fine.

    You spend some time tinkering with equiptment, roll a dice:
    4-6: Save $100 off an upgrade purchase
    1-3: You fried it, lose $100.

    You make toast. Roll a dice.
    4-6 nothing happens.
    1-3 You get mad and the toaster eats your hand. Lose 1XP.

    You babysit for a friend, roll a dice:
    4-6 Nothing happens
    1-3 You get busted making out with a date, lose 1XP.
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    Wow Matt, you are going to town!

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    Sensei of the Wounded Petal
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    Seriously, I love all of this!

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    Another chance card idea.
    You investigate a disturbance under a street. Roll a dice:
    4-6, You successfully bust the troublesome ghoul, gain 1XP and $200.
    1-3, You accidentally knock out power to half the city, lose 1XP and get fined $500.

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    Im hoping that if an automated mission creater was created that we can tie in the input options to generate "job cards" that you pull to choose from. Things I would like to be able to set are:
    Max ghost level in mission (class)
    Number of ghosts in spirit world ( <5, 6-8, 9+)
    Number of ghosts on the map (<5, 6-8, 9-12, 13+)
    Number of open gates (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Then we could add, cash payment (for closing all gates), with an extra set fee (depending on class) for each ghost trapped during the mission.

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