It's my last show of the year! Another pretty good year for Hex, and my content I'm very thankful for all of my supporters. Tonight Mokog and I reminisce about some of the major events from this past year, talk about some of the upcoming events, and speculate on when PVE will get released. Thanks so much for watching the show!

Deck List!/deck=41624

Champion - Bryson Maplewood

2 Valiant Escort
2 Shield Trainer
4 Royal Falconer
4 Royal Den Mother
1 Reginald Lancashire
4 Pyresoul Summoner
2 Jags the Blademaster
1 Houndmaster of Ardevaas
3 Hopeheart Unicorn

1 Soul Marble
2 Solitary Exile
2 Pride's Fall
2 Martyr
1 Gore Feast of Kog'Tepetl
4 Crackling Bolt
1 Burn

4 Shard of Conquest
9 Ruby Shard
11 Diamond Shard