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    Cool Ghostbusters Live Stream with Crit Camp Gaming

    We are new to the Cryptozoic Forums, but its a great spot to invite you all to join us. My name is Chris, host of Crit Camp Gaming, where we stream Board Games LIVE to Twitch to entertain, educate, and grow a welcoming gaming community!

    On Tuesday, December 15th @ 10PM EST we will begin working our way through the deluxe Kickstarter edition of "Ghostbusters The Board Game." The first episode will focus on the base rules of the game in a demo fashion, then we will move into the first scenario of the Slimer campaign. If you are a a big fan, curious about buying it, or just looking to talk everything from gaming to beer, to TV, to film...come join us!

    Website: or (For past episodes!)
    Schedule: Every Tuesday Night @ 10:00pm EST (we also play video games on Thursday nights)
    Goal: To develop a fun community around Crit Camp Gaming to educate and entertain through play-throughs of games.

    We all used to live closer to one another and had game nights in person often, so we wanted to capture that "game-night with friends" feel through the internet when we moved further away. We wanted to open that up to the internet to drive conversation, educate, entertain, and draw in members of the gaming community to interact with us and each other (with strategy, rules, interesting topics, whatever they feel like). The goal is not to be a strict review show/site, but a place where people can explore, learn about, enjoy playing, be entertained by, and interact with other people who enjoy gaming.

    Thanks for your interest! any questions or comments, please let us know!

    Ghostbusters Promo2.jpg
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