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    Yes, he is. And yes, we have been sliming sleepers. We tip the miniature over to show who is sleeping. It's very depressing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItchyAaron View Post
    If we had rolled a Chaos Symbol while the Sandman was right next to ALL of us we would have lost. We lucked out in that regard.
    This happened to us while playing, and I had to double-check the rulebook. It states that a ghost only performs his miss action to the nearest Ghostbuster within line of sight, not all of them. So you would've been okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EctoMutant View Post
    Is the Sandman a ghost? IE, Can he move through walls and slime the ghostbusters?

    And I assume a sleeping ghostbuster can still be slimed?

    How do you all keep track of who's asleep? I've been placing the spectral ghostbusters on the character cards.
    I wrote "Zzz.." four times on a small bit of paper and tore them into strips to go on character cards

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    Edit: Nevermind, asked a daft quetion.

    As for beating Sandman I found the best strategy was to keep everyone relatively close to start with, away from closed gates and trap a few ghosts. Then concentrate on taking down Sandman, all four busters literally standing next to each other at all times to wake each other up. Anybody who gets a stream never takes a second shot incase they miss and lose it, and instead just wake others up and stay in LOS. It takes sometime but eventually each buster will get a stream which capture him.

    After that clean up as many ghosts as possible in pairs, Class 1s are easiest, stay away from LOS of closed gates the whole time and try and keep the car with the group who have the larger ghost count. Once you deposit a huge amount of ghosts at once, which should refill the spirit world, have the pairs take out two separate gates at the same time, and then meet up for the last time.
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