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    Watchmen Villianous Machinations Clarification

    By the way, love the game and cant wait for more, and I was super excited to see the preview up but I have a question already. I saw for the Villainous Machinations it said if Im the Mastermind I have to meet all the requirements for the card on the same turn. For the display card it says both to play a "4 or greater cost equipment (2-3p only)" and a "4 or greater cost equipment". So can I play 1 Equipment card that meets both these requirements are would I have to play 2 separate Equipments? Also what does the "p" stand for?

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    I believe the "p" stands for player.

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    You need to play individual cards for each requirement. Also, yes, the p stands for player.
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    The (2-3p only) means: This line item requirement is only used if you are playing a 2 or 3 player game. It is explained in the rules. As well as the reason: In 2-3 player games, you get so many more turns than a player in a 4-5 player game would. And with fewer players you get first crack at cards flipped off the main deck with regularity. So the extra requirement keeps things fair.
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