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Thread: Charge for Life - Redux

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    Charge for Life - Redux

    I have a personal favorite deck I've been using, and I recently made a couple updates to it - wanted to see what people thought here.

    Champion: Gozzog

    9 Ruby Shard
    9 Blood Shard
    4 Shard of Hatred
    *I used the Hatred to ensure I have both thresholds, and I only have 1 1-cast in the deck so it's not a huge drawback

    4 Charge Bot (Voltaic Handguards)
    4 Lightning Elemental (Electric Flail)
    4 Reactor Bot (Shocker Attachment)
    4 Arena Regular (Gladiator Helm)
    4 Inductocopter Bot
    4 Paladin of the Necropolis
    2 Yancy, Tinkerer of Terror
    4 Eternal Drifter (Mantle of Silent Purpose)

    4 Crackling Bolt
    4 Crackling Rot (Rotting Boots)

    This deck is really built around charge powers, and it has a lot of synergies working for it.

    1a) Inductocopter Bot and Lightning Elemental generate charges
    1b)2-charge power
    *this creates huge synergy with the troops - reactor bot and charge-generating troops, reactor bot pumps other robots, charge power triggers paladin, regular, elemental, etc

    2) Charges become more than resources
    *Eternal Drifters and one shard can create 7/7 reactor bots, multiple arena regulars/paladins cause massive damage every turn, etc

    Yancy creates Murdertron, which helps robot synergy
    Eternal Drifter triggers charge power effects, doubling lightning elemental/arena regular effects every turn, potentially

    This is weak to board wipes and heavy removal, but I've done perfect clears a number of times, and usually only have 1-2 losses max.

    I chose not to put crackling vortex in because I run the risk of not having access to my charge ability, which is a big part of the deck.
    I've also thought about burn with its glove equipment, but the crackling bolt adding a charge, and synergizing with the rot equipment, works too well in most cases.

    Let me know what you think, if you have ideas to change it up I've love to hear them!

    Other options are Tormented Ritualist (for unblockable damage) and Talisman of Vitae.
    I would replace Yancy with Ritualist, and if you try both I'd suggest taking out the eternal drifters as well, so you can save the resources for talisman charge use.

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