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    Proton rolls with d8?

    Hi everybody!
    I love the game! I played through the three regular campaigns and the Sedgewick Scramble campaign yet, all one-player mode style. I'm looking forward to have my gaming group around next month for a whole weekend of ghostbusting. Still, I have a question to discuss, so here goes:

    I gotta admit, I'm not a genius tactitian. I beat the first two or three easy scenarios with no prob, but then the Slimer Situation boss fight seemed something like undoable for me. I tried it three times with no chance in hell. Then skipped the scenario and restarted with the next campaign. In the Idulnas campaign, I ran into the same problem: These scenarios are pretty tough! After losing almost every single one, I tended to become kinda frustrated. I mean, time is sorta of the essence in most scenarios and every move seems to count, with no ghostbuster turn to waste (which is really cool) – but since you need a 4+ on a d6 to hit most of the Ghosts and Gates, the characters miss more or less every second shot! That seems kinda harsh in many scenarios, especially since there is no game mechanic for rerolls or bonus points (if you don't play Spengler, and even his reroll ability only goes so far).

    Perhaps I just need to wait for the help of my buddy players to solve these scenarios with additional brain power. But I have several friends who can get frustrated pretty quickly if they have a hard times with board games (kinda like me).
    So, my idea to fix the scenario difficulty was this: The Ghostbusters roll d8 instead of d6. Sorta feels like cheating, but actually worked out pretty nice for me, since the fun returned immediately! (Actually I think it's a little elegant even, since you use a d8 for PKE rolls as well.)

    People who are very good with strategy can laugh now! D8s make a rather easy game in order to keep the kids happy. But, question: What did I overlook? The overall challenge aside, are there any mechanics that might be screwed up with the d8 method?

    First of all, what about character balance? Spengler will level up slower, since the chances for him to roll a 1 are reduced with a bigger die type. For example, Venkman and Griffin on the other hand, will
    have an easier time, since they get to do cool stuff at certain levels which requires them to roll a 6+, which will be much easier to achieve with a d8 (...too easy?)

    Thanks folks!
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