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Thread: It cost a fortune...

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    It cost a fortune...

    ... but it was worth it!

    So I finally got my Hex: Shards of Fate poster back from the custom frame shop. I'm quite pleased with the result. Check it out:

    The wood is a silver / black color with a charcoal-ish appearance, and the garnet trim matches the reds in the poster quite nicely. All told, I went through several dozen frames and trim combinations, including one that looked like actual burnt wood, but this is the one I was happiest with. This poster is now in place of pride on the wall right above my work computer.

    I only regret that I was too overwhelmed after receiving the poster to get Cory and the gang to sign it before I left California.

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    It's amazing, Awesome frame my friend.

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    Nicely done Oss!

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    I'm jelly
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    that really does look amazing, I am so very jealous :-)

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    My wife would never let me hang up a Hex poster, sadly, but yours does look quite awesome. Nicely done.

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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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