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Thread: It was recently brought to my attention.

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    It was recently brought to my attention.

    That an upcoming PVE card will be perhaps unintentionally paying homage to the true meaning of KB, or at the very least deciboners? Or I suppose more precisely sedeciboners... Anyone want to post the picture of the card in question?

    I'll send the first person to throw up the image of that card a set 1 pack.
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    I've seen it, but I have no idea how or where to find it.

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    Not gonna post it cuz I'm also interested to know if anyone else sees it

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    Here you go- GOD what the hell were they thinking. Really. REALLY?! You cannot POSSIBLY tell me no one noticed that. That HAS to be intentional, there's no way.
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    Ok I think I get it now I remembered what KB was in this context.

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    Cory started it here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    Errrrrr. Those AA are amazing! 10,000 AA boners were just popped.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post

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    Cory actually started it in an interview with Cirouss way back when, talking about a high number of boners (don't remember the exact number now).

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    I actually wish this card is intentionally secretly referencing to copious amounts of KBs. These sort of inside jokes are great, and I hope everyone here has enough of a sense of humor in this age of triggers and micro aggressions to not be offended by such things. Just good, light-hearted fun.

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    To me it seems pretty clear that it is intentional. There's too much going on there that points to kbs.

    This is a great way to start 2016, the year of the kiloboner.

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