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    My top 10 MIA playable super Heroes

    Top 10 in no order. I base this on one or more factors. Popularity, exposure, basic hero card representation, and or simply a classic staple.

    Agree on some? Am I missing some big ones? Is your list different? Please share.

    Hawkgirl (JL animated pushed her up the ranks)
    The Question (the freakin' Question!)
    Oracle (An awesome character that shouldn't have been retconned in my opinion)

    Huntress (I keep thinking she shouldn't be on my list, but I have a lot of memories of her in the 80's and she pops up a bit in several DC related shows)

    Plastic Man (Quite possibly a stretch. See what I did there? But he has a hero card, and this guy had his own, albeit, super campy cartoon in the 70's)

    Katana (Featured heavily in Beware the Batman, and was cool way before that.)

    Supergirl (Classic Supergirl. Red Lantern is a blip in her storied career.)

    Green Lanterns ( I know we have two of perhaps the most famous, but again, JL animated gave John Stewart mega exposure)
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    Carrie Kelley, RedHood, Arsenal, Jim Gordon, Question (Vic Sage), Question (Renee Montoya), Lobo, Guy Gardner, Kal-L, Orion

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    For me my list is Firestorm. There are others I would enjoy...but Firestorm is easily the number 1. Of course he is my second favorite character...

    That said:

    Firestorm (My dream power is similar to BB but with the line-up...using his transmutation powers)
    Red Hood
    Cassandra Cain
    The Flash (Wally West)
    Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
    Stephanie Brown
    Donna Troy

    Reverse Flash

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    1) Atrocitus
    2) Larfleeze
    3) Lobo
    4) Catwoman
    5) Reverse Flash
    6) Captain Cold
    7) Donna Troy
    8) A Regular Version of Supergirl
    9) Firestorm
    10) Heat Wave
    11) Hawkgirl
    12) Atom

    Those are really all that need to be added, imo, and Heat Wave and Atom are only there because of Legends of Tomorrow. Everything else is frosting on the cake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midnight_rider View Post
    Plastic Man (Quite possibly a stretch. See what I did there? But he has a hero card, and this guy had his own, albeit, super campy cartoon in the 70's)
    He was a prominent member of the Justice League in the JLA 1997-2006 comic run. So was Steel, who I also believe should be a playable Super Hero. In actually, I'm really hoping they release a Team Superman Crossover that includes a new Superman, Steel, Supergirl, Eradicator, and other Super Heroes. I say a Crossover because a number of Superman's villains have not made their way into the game in any form (Such as Zod, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Metallo, Imperiex, and Cyborg Superman to name a few.)

    I'm also hoping for a New Gods/Darkseid Elite set so we can see Super Heroes of Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Orion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac_Apple View Post
    1) Atrocitus
    2) Larfleeze
    I couldn't agree more. Atrocitus is without a doubt my favorite DC Character and not being able to abuse the big red machine is just something I got a problem with.

    Larfleeze is an amazing character too, but more so than seeing him as a Character, would be to see how they make use of history to make a really cool effect that matches properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jotaesethegeek View Post
    The Flash (Wally West)
    Going off Kyle Rayner, I'm pretty sure his Oversized would be named "Wally West".

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    The only character missing thus far that I badly want to see as an oversized Hero is Huntress. Everyone else is secondary.

    Good thing that Birds of Prey crossover pack was announced/confirmed.

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    I would love to see more LSH heroes, as well as a Blue Beetle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerrymul View Post
    I would love to see more LSH heroes, as well as a Blue Beetle.
    As in Ted Kord? Jaime Reyes is in Teen Titans.
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