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    Fringe Promo Cards

    How does one find out what comic show has the Fringe promo cards. I can't wait for the season 5 Fringe cards to be released. I click on the promo link below it and it looks like 4 promo cards were relesed at comic shows in the sumer of 2015.

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    Sorry for the delayed response! We asked a few of our wonderful artists to pass out promos at the various cons.

    Here is a list of those shows:

    6/19/2015 HeroesCon - Charlotte, NC
    6/20/2015 Smallville Comic Con - Hutchinson, KS
    6/25/2015 Supercon - Miami, FL
    6/26/2015 Day of the Dead - Indianopolis, IN
    7/09/2015 SDCC - San Diego, CA
    8/20/2015 Wizard World Chicago - Chicago, IL
    9/04/2015 Dragon*Con - Atlanta, GA

    Hope this information helps. If you need anything else, please let me know!

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