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Thread: Ghost trap box

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    Ghost trap box

    You put it beside your character card to hold the Ghosts that you captured. It's 4" long, the width of the cards.

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    Cool idea. Keeps the cards from getting cluttered.

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    Just printed the ghost trap box and put one together. This was a really cool Idea Brad. Now if I can just catch Samhain and Boogaloo in the same trap box that would be
    one awesome trick and treat for Halloween. LOL!

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    Hi Brad. Was wondering if it might be a fun idea to have a limit to how many ghosts you can catch when using the trap box in the game. Kind of like a limit to how many ghost traps each ghostbuster has on him while in the field bustin. Then when you reach your limit you have to empty your trap box before you can catch any more. passing your trapped ghosts to another ghostbuster would let you empty your trap box. (It can be assumed they give you more empty traps in return for passing captured ghost passed ghosts would go on the character card. Or when your trap box is full you have to Return to Ecto- 1 to empty it into the Dimensionometer. just thought it might add another level of challenge to the game. Let me know what you think.

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    hmm, well, it could actually work since, physically, you can fit more Class ones and twos than Class 3's. Maybe after people get more games under their belt? It's hard enough for me to get people to play. But that would be an easy fix, and visual, too!

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