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    Probably idiot question on DC Comics Deck-Building Game!

    Hi guys, my daughter and I sat down to play this but we're both really new to this kind of game and got kind of confused.

    We set up the deck OK, we think, by following the rules and looking at the video but THIS confuses the heck out of me?!

    I just *don't get * the difference between my deck and the discard pile.

    Also, so I make my play/have my turn and I spend some cards buying, say, some Equipment. How do I replenish my deck, which seems to have to be like 10 cards from which I take 5 - right?

    I take 5 more cards off the main pile of cards to do this?

    I just couldn't get the hang of this at all, which frustrated my co-player (my 10 year old) and left us both disappointed.

    I'd *really* appreciate someone giving me an idiot level, step by step algorithm here...

    Please? * hopeful face *

    I know my kid will love this game once we get into it!!



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    So at the start of the game you create your 10 card deck, shuffle it, and draw 5 cards from it. During your turn you play those cards and use them to buy new cards from the row of revealed cards from the big deck. Then you take everything you played*, any cards that are still in your hand, and everything you bought and put them all in your discard pile. It sounds like you've got that all figured out.

    On your next turn you do the same thing, play the cards in your hand, buy stuff, then put it all in your discard pile. Now you draw 5 more cards, but your deck is empty. At this point you take your discard pile, shuffle it, and it becomes your new deck which you draw 5 cards from. And you just keep doing that, buying bigger and better cards that will eventually go into your deck the next time your deck runs out.

    Hopefully that helps, let me know if there's still a part that's confusing to you.

    *There are some cards that remain in play when you play them and don't get put in your discard pile, but you won't have any of those on the first turn.
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    Thank you - we'll try this out tonight!

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    Each player has their own deck and discard pile.

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