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Thread: Anybody else having obscene difficulty with Seaweed Behemoth lately?

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    Anybody else having obscene difficulty with Seaweed Behemoth lately?

    There are just too many encounters pushing agro or die. Seriously, this encounter has stopped being fun at all. If you don't load the board with troops, he gets a pulse reactor out and stalls until charge and then gg.

    To me, it seems like Savage Headdress is what is broken in that encounter.

    Tonight, I threw Extinction and the following turn he had seven troops in play again. Without the ELEVEN charges he got between the headdress and his passive it might have been a fun game. The way it stands, I feel it's very non-interactive after the first handful of turns.
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    I've been having fun with my Jank Bot deck and haven't lost to SB in the two times I've met him in the last couple weeks. All the AI guys can have crazy draws when you're not playing agro on them. I've just come to accept that I won't go 15-0 when I'm playing slow/fun/control decks in Arena. Agro gets really boring after a while.

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    Every deck has a gimmick, and yes, he is one of the few decks that punish slower strategies. Push over for many decks, even budget versions, that include several 1-drop, 2-drop, and 3-drop troops.

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    No. Next question! :P

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    only when it gets the damn <0,5% "5 charges from a single shard" BS with 4 reactor bots and an induction bot in play >_<
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