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Thread: Arena/Chest/Gold/Plat statistics

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    Whoah, super cool:
    Arena runs:73
    Arena Gold earned:680200
    Arena gold per run:9317.81
    Total gold gain:6554300
    Total gold expense:-6540378
    Total plat gain:203125
    Total plat expense:-137977
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:264
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:260
    chest spins:1206
    common chest spins:871
    uncommon chest spins:172
    rare chest spins:95
    legendary chest spins:68
    gold spend on chest spins:-4425900

    surprised my arena gold per run is so high, i did a number of first tier only runs back when legendaries dropped there and when i needed a war machinist robe and it was super expensive.

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    Why is this not player information that is easily accessed through the normal game interface?
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    Because someone has to allocate coding time to's all about priorities and this isnt one

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    WoW, the number 1 thing I learned was that my intuition sucks on how
    many arena runs I had on this account. Couldve sworn it were more 140~
    than 70 q.q .... Nice little tool for sweet information. Thx OP

    Arena runs:70
    Arena Gold earned:727500
    Arena gold per run:10392.857142857143
    Total gold gain:9820205
    Total gold expense:-7753237
    Total plat gain:476494
    Total plat expense:-435513
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:394
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:44
    chest spins:2390
    common chest spins:1942
    uncommon chest spins:236
    rare chest spins:129
    legendary chest spins:83
    gold spend on chest spins:-6648500

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    Arena runs:273 (1 uruunaz encounter, loss)
    Arena Gold earned:1607850
    Arena gold per run:5889.56043956044
    Total gold gain:3634145
    Total gold expense:-3566665
    Total plat gain:66054
    Total plat expense:-65565
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:33
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:33
    chest spins:956
    common chest spins:643
    uncommon chest spins:293
    rare chest spins:20
    legendary chest spins:0
    gold spend on chest spins:-1849900

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    my browser froze when i trie dit today but i can only say
    Arena runs:1151 ;p ;p
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    My stats:

    Arena runs:185
    Arena Gold earned:1149000
    Arena gold per run:6210
    Total gold gain:3376284
    Total gold expense:-3314348
    Total plat gain:75423
    Total plat expense:-71900
    Number of tournaments a fee was paid:176
    Number of tournaments 100 plat was paid:83
    Chest spins:1034
    Common chest spins:606
    Uncommon chest spins:302
    Rare chest spins:126
    Legendary chest spins:0
    Gold spend on chest spins:-2734400
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    Wow this is amazing!!
    thanks dude, can you make it so you can see how much plat you have bought and then how much you have spent in $ on plat? that would probably be unsettling :P

    Arena runs:244
    Arena Gold earned:1244400
    Arena gold per run:5100
    Total gold gain:4658947
    Total gold expense:-4582702
    Total plat gain:268652
    Total plat expense:-264409
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:366
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:232
    chest spins:1417
    common chest spins:1008
    uncommon chest spins:291
    rare chest spins:94
    legendary chest spins:24
    gold spend on chest spins:-3630700

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