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Thread: Arena/Chest/Gold/Plat statistics

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    Quote Originally Posted by McCloud68 View Post
    I am having trouble figuring this out. The amount to copy from the Premiumlog is so large, not sure this is working.
    You're not in the preview pane, are you? I started opening things and poking at things and being baffled at the amount of stuff... then I realized I was supposed to be on the Response tab

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    I finally was able to copy/paste, but then it seemed to lock my Chrome or system up, so I killed Chrome in order to regain control of system. I did not see any Uruunaz numbers or info, and I have ran into him twice that I know of.

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    All you people and your Uruunaz sightings. 99 runs and a dragon ain't one.

    Arena runs:99
    Arena Gold earned:851200
    Arena gold per run:8597.979797979799
    Total gold gain:2308793
    Total gold expense:-2217953
    Total plat gain:36496
    Total plat expense:-34124
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:66
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:31
    chest spins:495
    common chest spins:328
    uncommon chest spins:101
    rare chest spins:57
    legendary chest spins:9
    gold spend on chest spins:-1461200

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    Arena runs:500
    Arena Gold earned:2421200
    Arena gold per run:4842.4
    Total gold gain:21943542
    Total gold expense:-21941758
    Total plat gain:690792
    Total plat expense:-690766
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:588
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:285
    chest spins:6791
    common chest spins:3996
    uncommon chest spins:1749
    rare chest spins:957
    legendary chest spins:89
    gold spend on chest spins:-21021600
    I think I got the right info, not sure though.

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    If it parsed through on the site, you got it right. The step-by-step was super helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clawdius View Post
    I've got over 500 runs, I wouldn't have if I didn't have dozens of decks and at least a dozen arena winning decks for variety. It's just... not fun, maybe it's the fact that I've only seen Uruunaz once and lost to him because I had to mulligan 3x before I got one shard. And coming around seeing people with 1/10th the runs and 3x the Uruunaz encounters is just salt in that wound.
    Well, over 500 is a ton. I'm sure I've not done that many. Perhaps after 500 I'd be bored too.

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    I thought I spent more on rolling... guess I forgot I sold some of the gold and didn't end up rolling it all. Below are sums of mine and my kid's accounts.

    Arena runs:105
    Arena Gold earned:524500
    Arena gold per run:4995.238095238095
    Total gold gain:41766653
    Total gold expense:-41583070
    Total plat gain:2773024
    Total plat expense:-2771705
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:32
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:0
    chest spins:1804
    common chest spins:1339
    uncommon chest spins:222
    rare chest spins:136
    legendary chest spins:107
    gold spend on chest spins:-6661000

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    Huh, only 325.

    Arena runs: 325
    Arena Gold earned: 1280200
    Arena gold per run: 3939.076923076923

    Total gold gain: 1793228
    Total gold expense: -1759076

    Total plat gain: 32616
    Total plat expense: -31455

    number of tournaments a fee was paid: 4
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid: 0

    chest spins: 166
    common chest spins: 149
    uncommon chest spins: 15
    rare chest spins: 0
    legendary chest spins: 2
    gold spend on chest spins: -285300

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    That's unbelievable luck. How many in the first few weeks of arena launch? I had 2 before the DC patch, and a hard earned 2 after. Blame my bad stats there on doing those ABT builds

    1 before. 1 during a podcast though ;$

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    Arena runs:140
    Arena Gold earned:773,000
    Arena gold per run:5521.428571428572

    Total gold gain:6,734,987
    Total gold expense:-6,671,124

    Total plat gain:105,202
    Total plat expense:-101,044

    number of tournaments a fee was paid:191
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:97

    chest spins:1,643
    common chest spins:956
    uncommon chest spins:420
    rare chest spins:223
    legendary chest spins:44
    gold spend on chest spins:-5,664,700

    Only 1 Uruu encounter, it was a victory at least lol. I tried more times than I probably should have for those primal sleeves (and failing to get them, grr. Got a fair number of primals, just didn't proc sleeves). I've tracked 249 tournaments, with 85 of those using a free ticket so 164 paid tournaments tracked.. that means I missed around 27 from the very beginning, hrm. Interestingly I've managed to track all of my paid drafts, it's the non-draft tournaments I'm missing o_O

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