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Thread: Arena/Chest/Gold/Plat statistics

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    Arena/Chest/Gold/Plat statistics

    Today I learned on Hackys stream, that a transaction history is available on the gameforge page. I used these transactions to generate some statistics and made this available on my page.

    stats.JPG and 0 Uruunaz

    To view your own stats:
    1. Extract the data from gameforge page
    2. Paste it in the textbox on

    Unfortunatly extracting the data is a bit difficult. It would be nice, if Gameforge just adds a download button for the data. (JSON and csv would be nice).

    How to get the data:
    1. Login on
    2. Click "GO TO MY ACCOUNT" on the right top
    3. Click Transaction History history.JPG
    4. Press F12 to open developer tools
    5. Click on Network
    6. Refresh the page (F5)
    7. In the file list search for "premiumlog" and click itdev.jpg
    8. click on the tab Response
    9. copy the data on the right side (make sure the copied data starts with [ and ends with ]

    I used Chrome in the instructions, but this should be similar in other Browsers. Maybe someone can find an easier way to get the data.

    On my site the statistics are generated on the client site in the browser. Your transactions will NOT send anywhere.

    update: Added a CSV-File Download you can import in spreadsheet and do your own analysis of the data. This may take a while and maybe you have to allow a popup to download

    Keep in mind. this is just quick and dirty code. The rest of the site is much nicer

    ATTENTION. Kroan pointed something out about gameforge website
    Quote Originally Posted by Kroan View Post
    PLEASE NOTE: The Gameforge website is not secured by an https. This means that if you choose to login, you are sending your username and password over an unsecured line (among other things).

    This is a potentional security risk and I would advice against using the site unless you have set up an authenticator (and even then with caution).

    I took a quick look and it seems that the email/password is send encrypted in the background. So it's probably safe to use the login.
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    Thanks, it was interesting, I thought that I would have played alot more arena then I had...

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    uh thats nice thank you

    btw if someone made it as described but no stats were shown - you may have to delete the last word called "Name" - at least i had to delete it to get the stats working.

    Arena runs: 114 ( 4 Uruunaz encounters 2/2 stats :P )
    Arena Gold earned: 789600
    Arena gold per run: 6926.315789473684
    Total gold gain: 3599004
    Total gold expense: -3415005
    Total plat gain: 249453
    Total plat expense: -227298
    number of tournaments a fee was paid: 493
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid: 251
    chest spins: 1047
    common chest spins: 776
    uncommon chest spins: 261
    rare chest spins: 10
    legendary chest spins: 0
    gold spend on chest spins: -1825300

    it seems that i have played way more scheduled sealed / gauntlet than expected
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    Arena runs:209
    Arena Gold earned:1860250
    Arena gold per run:8900.717703349283
    Total gold gain:13502568
    Total gold expense:-13029311
    Total plat gain:273127
    Total plat expense:-267908
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:276
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:247
    chest spins:3944
    common chest spins:2075
    uncommon chest spins:1291
    rare chest spins:546
    legendary chest spins:32
    gold spend on chest spins:-12093100

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    So I went to try to log in to the Gameforge portal to pull this info and it said my account was frozen and now I can't log into Hex.

    I was online and played last night so I hope this is just coincidence and not a result of trying to login to the Gameforge portal.

    Hopefully support will be able to sort it out.

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    thanks for that information! need to extract that as well
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    Arena runs:652
    Arena Gold earned:3703250
    Arena gold per run:5679.831288343558
    Total gold gain:6971962
    Total gold expense:-6971862
    Total plat gain:248655
    Total plat expense:-223729
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:477
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:274
    chest spins:2810
    common chest spins:2149
    uncommon chest spins:453
    rare chest spins:188
    legendary chest spins:20
    gold spend on chest spins:-6181100

    Guess i'm one of the 152 people Cory mentioned in his message for arena runs :P
    Thanks I really enjoyed this info
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    Arena runs:121 (and afaik not a single Uruunaz)
    Arena Gold earned:413700
    Arena gold per run:3419.00826446281
    Total gold gain:1423409
    Total gold expense:-1419290
    Total plat gain:53908
    Total plat expense:-53123
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:112
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:42
    chest spins:564
    common chest spins:422
    uncommon chest spins:131
    rare chest spins:10
    legendary chest spins:1
    gold spend on chest spins:-1027500
    IGN: Jensling

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    Huh, less than I expected. I've definitely spun more than 1 legendary chest though... I wonder how far this goes back? Is this counting drafts with tickets too?

    Arena runs:92
    Arena Gold earned:729700
    Arena gold per run:7931.521739130435
    Total gold gain:4036166
    Total gold expense:-3879600
    Total plat gain:283352
    Total plat expense:-281962
    number of tournaments a fee was paid:128
    number of tournaments 100plat was paid:77
    chest spins:1150
    common chest spins:705
    uncommon chest spins:336
    rare chest spins:108
    legendary chest spins:1
    gold spend on chest spins:-2835600

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
    Huh, less than I expected. I've definitely spun more than 1 legendary chest though... I wonder how far this goes back?
    My oldest entry is 04/26/2014.

    I noticed also some thins. eg my gold expense/gain doesnt add up to what i have now. But could be, that entries before this date are missing.

    Also i could made mistakes. Bug for legendary chest i count all entries with the type chest spin and 30k gold paid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
    Is this counting drafts with tickets too?
    I don't think so. I guess they don't show up in the transaction history, because no gold/plat was involved.

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