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Thread: Talent Tree Bigger Than You Think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fateanomaly View Post
    There should be at least 8 (1 for each race) since there are race specific dungeons right?
    I don't mind it's one that means we gotta be happy huh? XD
    Quote Originally Posted by NOBLERooster
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    As long as we can delete and re-roll, and we get at least 2 character slots I don't mind too much. That's one for a "main" and another that can try the other 47 different class/race combinations .

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    I'll be fine as long as there is an achievement tree that can confirm that I have indeed made it to LV 30 with all possible Race/Class/Gender options

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    Well before everybody chimes in to confirm that he doesn't care:
    I do care! I'd like to have every race/class combination at max level one day.
    I'd be fine with a fixed number of slots as long as there is a way to unlock more with gold, quests or whatever.

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    Well, more slots can certainly increase the longevity of the campaign.

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    I'd be very disappointed if we don't get 8+ character slots, seeing as how we know from the Glendower spoiler that there are cards exclusive to race-specific quests (i.e. you can only get Glendower while playing as a dwarf).

    Re: Number of talents
    Yup; there are 42 talents on the tree.
    However, unless things have changed since the warrior reveal:
    > The middle talent of the 1st row is the charge power, which everyone gets & has no tree 'links'.
    > The middle talent of the 3rd row is/was Class Gems, which everyone gets (when reaching that tier of the tree) & has no tree 'links'.
    > The middle talent of the 6th row - "COMING SOON" has a similar appearance & no tree 'links', suggesting it is another that everyone gets (presumably at max level rather than when reach that tier, as otherwise you'd expect it to be on the 5th row).

    So 39 talent options to choose between.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    Also 1/3rd could mean the first 3 pages are unlocked and visible at char creation and then we get more as we level up. If thats the case we'll have more then a 100 talents per class.
    Where are you getting the word pages from? It seems likely to me that the locks above the unlocked talents are the next tier- they'll all be on a single page.

    TLDR: There are over 42 talents per class on Campaign Launch so don't freak out by 1/3rd of tree unlocked.
    Nothing in your post substantiates this statement. In fact the exact opposite has been said- "the first third of which will be unlocked at Campaign Launch". That's 13 talents.

    13 talents for a single character is not a lot. However, 13 talents for 8 races and 6 classes requires a significant amount of time to max out, so as others have said it will really depend on how many characters we're allowed to have at once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    We may get char creation limits. Like 8 slots.
    I sure hope not. That will mean people are forced to make multiple accounts, violating the ToS and specifically going against their "one player, one account" policy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xenavire View Post
    We were definitely told there would be some limits to how many you can create. All in all, I wouldn't expect to have an infinite number of alts.
    Source? I do not recall this statement.

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    I believe it was a stream, in which someone explained that the plan at the time was for people to start with a single champ, and as you explored you would unlock a finite number of extra character slots. (I got the impression it would be enough for each class and possibly each race, but definitely not each class/race combo.)

    This was from a good while ago though, 6+ months at least if memory serves.
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    I will pay money for more character slots, just saying

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