I've fallen victim to this enough times for me to want to raise it as an issue..

When you launch the client you are presented with the username and password based form to log into the game. If you have previously logged in you get the option for the game to remember your username (which I do), which them leaves the form wanting your password.

My annoyance is that the password field always seems to have a flashing cursor in it to signify it has focus and is ready to accept my input - however, running in windowed mode the focus cursor will flash even if the client window is the selected window.

This is misleading and means that I normally wildly type my password in with no effect as I'm expecting it to appear where the flashing cursor is but haven't realised the client window isn't selected. This can also be quite annoying as I can very easily end up typing my password into something else accidentally.

As minor inconvenience, but something I think should be looked at in order to get the client one step closer to perfect.