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    New to the game a few questions

    Me and my friends were trying out this game and we had a few questions that were not addressed in the rulebook. One what is the max amount of slime tokens any character can have is it 2 or 3? Also if a ghost under the rules of the release gate is released on the same square as the ghostbuster is he slimed as well as the ghost being released? Any help would be appreciated

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    Max amount of slime tokens is in the rules. It says, you can't have more slime tokens than you have actions. That means as long as your Ghostbusters only have 2 actions, they can only get 2 slime tokens. As soon as one of them gets 3 actions, he can have 3 slime tokens as well.
    The release gates do not cause the ghost to slime you, because the ghost is not moving through you. It's just escaping from your trap and trying to get away from you.

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