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    Cool Crit Camp Ghostbusters Streaming 2016

    Hello fellow busters!

    I wanted to start up a new thread where we'll be posting VODs, promos, and other links to our continued Ghostbusters play through in 2016. We'll be continuing The Slimer Situation Campaign Scenario #3 tonight and making our way through the rest of the campaigns (as well as some random scenarios) as the year progresses!

    We treat our board game streams as a show/demo so come join us and our awesomely friendly community if you are a fan of the game, Ghostbusters, board games, gaming, want to ask questions, curious about buying the game, or just looking to have a good time! We appreciate any and all comments, requests, rule clarifications, recommendations and more!

    When: Mondays & Thursdays @ 10PM EST
    Past Episodes: or

    We look forward to bustin' ghosts and playing games with you all!

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