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Thread: PCGamer interviewing Cory Jones today at 1PM PST

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    Breaking news:
    Fennec Fox card will make very cute sound similar to real Fennec foxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maylick View Post
    Beta tag will be dropped when PvE comes out. There will be an article about that.
    Ninja launch? 😁

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    Does that Dust Bustard say what I think it says? "Cannot be blocked by wild coyoltes"? Lol...

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    7 years of story development

    3 classes at launch PvE

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    Human mage seems ok to grind PvE (initial talents)

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    thanks for sharing guys! keep it up
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    Yup, only three classes at launch. Boo. I'm guessing the whole 1/3 of the talent tree thing applies to the PvE launch too, and not just "at the start of the campaign". :/

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    There was going to be a big PVE preview announcement thing with Cory and Ben playing through PVE but Cory decided not to do it, because he did not want to spoil it.

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    Right bottom - Restriction for initaial deckbuilding in PvE. Shard/rarity.
    Warrior talents once again
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    Strong storytelling dynamics promised

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