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Thread: HEX Update - PVE is Almost Here!

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    HEX Update - PVE is Almost Here!

    Hi HEXers! I’m not sure what else can we say—campaign is coming next week! Watch our Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the details on when exactly you’ll be able to create your character and jump into the world of Entrath. On launch day, we’ll have patch notes as well as articles posted throughout the day from members of the HEX team to guide you through this feature release and inform you as to where we’re headed next.
    Please tweet me @HEXWilliam for a reliable, quick response. Thank you.

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    Congratulations to the 100k crew: Alucard, Dino and Snake!

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    Great streamers and I bet will make great announcers and reporters as well very excited to see them all! What will winston and the clam be doing though?

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    Oh man, that dragon is amazing. Throw it in a Priest deck with the 2-cost charge power, run diamond-sapphire with Mistlord+weapon, gg. Granted, the deck building restrictions will limit you a bit, but that's what Peek and Focus are for!

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    Congratulations Alucard, SilentSnake and Dinotropia. Good choices

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    Grats to Dino, Alucard, and Snake!

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    The heck is color commentary?
    Quote Originally Posted by NOBLERooster
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    Congrats dino, silent, and alu on being the casters. Hope you do a great job. Seeing how the coverage goes for this event was a huge thing for me. I'm really interested. Hope you guys research and are ready to bring your "expert" knowledge to constructed.

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