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Thread: Chronicles of Entrath Launch Patch

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    Chronicles of Entrath Launch Patch



    SO WOW

    -Phenteo, Former Community Manager and Egg Giver
    Twitter: @CM_Phenteo | @HEXTCG

    "It's polite to say thank you when someone gives you a gift, human." -Phenteo

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    Patching in less than 12 hours!

    Wooot, the patch is incoming!! Patching begins in 11 hours, estimated downtime 12 hours. Less than 24h to Campagin (estimate)!!!!

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    You even manage to beat the direct link. Nice work

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    The F5 is strong in this one.

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    **Furiously checks work calendar to see if there are any important meetings for tomorrow**

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    I was eating when I saw this on facebook and food fell out of my mouth.

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    well the general discussion threads lasted long

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