So just a question on pushing.
Seems simple on the surface, if something that pushes moves into a characters space they get pushed out of the way. If the way is blocked by terrain they move sideways. But what about if you have characters blocking the way?

For instance, if you had all 4 busters in a line, and a spawn of cathulhu pushes straight into the one on the end, where will they go?
E.g. (E) (P) (R) (W) (SC)

Will the buster being pushed, (in this case Winston) move all the way over the other busters to the end of the line,
(W) (E) (P) (R) (SC)
or would everyone in the line get pushed one, leaving the original order? Or would they sidestep in the next available direction?
E.g. (E) (P) (R) (SC)