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Thread: Will passive skills be toggleable?

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    Will passive skills be toggleable?

    Let's take a look at one of the skills that were revealed for the human mage, shall we?

    WORLDLY KNOWLEDGE, PASSIVE: At the start of your turn, if you have four or more actions in your graveyard, void all actions in your graveyard and gain 2 SP.
    (This is from gameforge's site, not sure what a graveyard is supposed to be, they probably mean crypts)

    I can foresee that there will be deck builds and strategies in the future for which you do not want this to go off every turn.
    Think of a deck that allows you to play actions from the crypt, a deck that mills itself to find certain cards, a deck that gets some bonus from having many cards in the crypt, a crazy Dandelion arm guards combo deck or something like that. All actions in your crypt getting auto-voided without you having a say will f up your strategy.

    My question is: Will we be able to toggle this and similar passive skills?

    Oh and before you answer something silly like "Duh, if you don't like it, don't take it".
    Maybe I want to take the skill now and create a deck where it fits nicely, but some months later I want to create a deck where this skill will be getting my way. Should choosing the wrong skill from the skill tree forever bar me from creating certain types of decks? Should I start a new non-"wordly magic" mage just for that reason? I don't think so.
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