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Thread: Ardor Day

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    Ardor Day

    And next Spoiler award goes... to Gameforge again:

    New Event - Ardor Day

    Feb 1-15
    Login: Ardor Sleeves (Pucid)
    PvP Tournaments participation reward - AA Crushing Blow
    PvE Dungeon Extra Rewards: Pucid the Matchmaker and 2 equips
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    I almost want to know what that baby looks like... Almost.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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    Yesssss, as if there wasn't enough incentive to running dungeons.

    Love the flavor and the artwork. Hopefully I can get a playset.
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    Well, I planned my extra long weekend for Hex playing at the right time...

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    Well we can confirm that PvE will be out before the 10th day of next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace View Post
    Love it.

    PS: Aren't named troops suppose to be "Unique"?
    He is like Pappy Jasper, he needs lots of helpers.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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    Okay so we got the campaign next week, VIP next weekend and now Ardor Days. When am I going to have time to play other games?

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    shouldnt that crushing blow be AA then?
    or did they just change the art of an old card ?

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