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Thread: The Future of HEX

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    The Future of HEX

    by Cory Jones

    I hope you’re having as much fun as I am playing the campaign. It’s been such a long road to this point and it really is terrific to see it take shape and actually make it into the hands of our players. I know by now it’s become clear we have delivered some of the great content we promised, but we still have a long way to go.

    Hopefully you have checked out Ben’s article to get some insight into what this first installment of the campaign has to offer. Seriously, read his first …
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    One thing that was accidentally left off the list was the Kickstarter reward: Spectral Oak and Spectral Acorn. As priorities go, that's up there in the mix with mercenaries. The Oak is clearly more than one individual card with its different modes and different systems that lightly touch it in some way. It requires some more work and was one of the last items to get left off the final PVE Campaign launch list. We're sorry that you have to wait for it, but know that it's a very high priority for us.
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    Sweet!!! I love Strongholds holy crap this is epic
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    Thank you CZE for finally delivering a large patch of PVE content. It is much appreciated!

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    The future is looking great! Thank you for a much-needed roadmap Cory.

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    Looking good, can't wait to see more. Also Hype!

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    "I owe each and every one of you all my gratitude… and an awkward hug."

    I'll hold you to that Cory. Or rather, we'll hold each other. See you in March.
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    We have the first "chunk" of PvE and now I can't wait for the next patches ...

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    Man, as if I wasn't already excited enough for what Hex has in store for it!
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