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Thread: crash at the end of battles

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    Hopefully this problem will be solved soon. To me the problem occurs in the campaign mode (every 2-3 minutes), while in the Arena only rarely.

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    The same for me, windows 10 and almost not playable cause of the constant crashes every 2 to 5 minutes.... its telling me about a ntdll error, think and hope that the dev's will pick this up cause its an awsome game and would hate to leave it so soon, put around 80 euro's in it allready so thats not realy cool as well to have to leave it for what it is now....
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    if it is going to take much longer before they fix this, can we at the end of a dungeon get an option to immediately restart the dungeon without loading the campaign map?
    Since due to the crashes were stuck to dungeons only, but still a crash at the end of each dungeon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salverus View Post
    Nothing really changed on my side according to game crashes unfortunately...

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    I got a new hard crash with this patch!

    In the middle of a dungeon,at the start of the 3rd fight.

    It hard crashes and I git a purty purple/screen.

    The bonus is now I git to hard restart my comp, type in my HUGE password and then (with the new bug introduced in this patch) I have to change resolutions twice to even see (the TOTALLY POINTLESS) check box for the ToS EVERY CRASH.

    I am getting very tired of shouting in the wind about this,and I'm starting to suspect this company can't handle the programming demands of this game.

    Guess there is always Ebay *sighs*, I do like this game but there are limits...

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    For me the amount of crashes have reduced. First i would crash in 99% of the cases at the end of a battle where the campaign map would load, now it is more ~70% from what i noticed. Several times i went back to the campaign map without a crash.

    Also each time i start the game ( i can see the TOS checkbox ) it is still checked from previous time. So catfarmer13 you might want to try to log in once, then exiting the game properly and then see if it remembers the ticked checkbox if you start the game again?
    Could be that the it forgots to check it because you never exited the game properly.

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    Logged in after being excited about the patch... looked at card manager under Play, right clicked one card and BOOM. Sad panda.

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    I never had this problem pre-Patch of 2/18/16; now the game will crash after every 2nd Arena fight. Though sometimes it will crash after each, sometimes I can do 2 then the 3rd crashes at the end.
    Did a Repair Install, no change.

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    Haven't read the whole thread, but I was able to help 2 players having similar issues in game chat.

    Case 1: Game always crashes/freezes after roundabout 30min playtime

    Probably you're playing on a laptop with dual graphic adapters solution. This means you have a small onboard chip which does desktop and simple graphic software display and a full-born graphics card for anything graphics-intensive or 3D. HEX currently is not correctly recognized by the system as software that requires the latter of those two and is executed using the onboard graphics chip, which gets overheated after some time and crashes the game.
    Solution: Go to the NVIDIA system settings and make your GeForce card the default adapter for executing hex.exe. For a quick check if that is the cause you can also start the app with right-click, Execute on graphics adapter, then select the GeForce

    Since I just made a graphic tutorial for that for someone, I might as well add it here:

    Case 2: HEX crashes everytime at the end of a battle and you are on Windows 10 and use a desktop NVIDIA GeForce graphics card

    There is obviously an issue with the current WHQL NVIDIA drivers, afaik are the HEX engineers already looking into this. Until they indentified the cause and resolved it, the only solution to this is either switching to one of the alternative driver bundles or using another graphics card.
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