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Thread: crash at the end of battles

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    After all, the reduction of crashes after cleaning the registry seemed to be only temporarily. Now i keep crashing again. Can do 1, and if lucky 2, battles on the campaign map before the game crash.
    And on top of that, I ve had it several times now where i beat an encounter and the game crashed and then it was counted as a loss.
    Just tried to do hag sorceress as level 4 dwarf warrior, lost first time, game crashed, lost another 2 times game crashed, won on 4th attempt, game crashed, then when i log back in the node is still yellow with a red flag..... *sigh* ....
    now i dont even bother to try again. I want to keep playing the game, but they make it impossible for me.
    I ll just go and check out what other games i have installed on my computer and come back after next bug fix patch.

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    That is really sad, but I clearly understand your reactions. :'(

    Frasaria, since the patcher is executed everytime you start HEX, did you check if those Registry Keys maybe returned? Sounds pretty likely from what you describe.

    If that should be the case, you could try the following:

    - Only delete what is in those folders "Cryptozoic" & "HEX Entertainment", but don't delete those folders

    - Then you right click that folder and hit Security settings and withdraw any write permissions for anyone and additionally put any write permission for Everyone to deny - but make sure that you don't put change permissions and delete folder to deny - else you'll have a hard time and some command line tool usage ahead of you to get rid of them or change that once they fixed it.

    That should keep those entries from coming back - surely I can't guarantee the Patcher will like that, but it's surely worth a try...
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    OK, I've been crashing for months now in every area game and have tried every suggestion on this forum. Yesterday, however, I tried running Hex in compatibility mode for Windows XP service pack 3. I have not crashed since. It's still possible that this is a coincidence, but I am hopeful. I haven't tested it in all areas of the game yet or at the resolutions that I would prefer to play at. I will update if hex returns to it's old crashing ways for me. Hopefully some of you that are stuck for solutions will find this helpful.

    Also, this did not resolve the current arena bugs (unresponsiveness on the victory screen requiring restart or the "player does not own arena" no-loot bug).

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    Rollitor, that is a real nifty idea, you could try running it in Win8.1 compatiblity mode, since the crashes seem to affect only users of Win10...

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    its a memory problem for most of us, so it doesnt matter which operating system you have.
    (i am on windows 7)

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    So I'll just add my crashing issues. Yes, I am running Win 10, but my desktop which has Radeon GPU and AMD CPU is the one that crashes. Most often in the card manager when scrolling and changing filters. It will crash during matches, esp when playing a class like cleric which adds cards to your deck or when I'm running heavy deck manipulation cards.

    I also run it on my laptop, a Surface Book i7 with dGPU and yes, Win 10. Right now it doesn't crash, but I just wanted to mention it since people are looking at Win 10 being a common issue.

    Since I've noticed it happening in the card manager and with decks that interact a lot with the deck I'm wondering if there's some memory leak related to those actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salverus View Post
    its a memory problem for most of us, so it doesnt matter which operating system you have.
    (i am on windows 7)
    Got this answer from the support too, when I stated that the above mentioned solutions dont work (uploaded log files) (Win Xp SP3 here...)
    The support also mentioned, that they are constantly working on the reduction of memory requirements and will update the system requirements of the game, if they can..
    Right now Im a bit upset about it becouse there are 2 things I can do:
    -Wait for a patch to HEX or maybe update on my videocard driver
    -Save money for PC upgrades instead of spending money in HEX

    Anyway Im happy, that "only" Champaign crashes so I can keep drafting.
    Also want to mention, that the guys working at the support division/ customer service are doing a great work to help players and they do their best to resolve this.
    So I would like to say a big "Thank you!" to all of them and anyone, who posted to this thread, especially for those, who came up with ideas according to the solution!
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    Frasaria, yes, I tend to believe that it might be a memory problem for you, since you have a Win7 system and therefore a probably pretty old computer.

    I'm also aware that I might be priviledged having 16GB of RAM on my laptop.

    But, cause of the various issues coming up for many lately I'm keeping track of ressource use of HEX constantly now, HEX never used more than a little more than 2 GB of system memory.

    And I can't imagine systems with Win10 installed being shipped with less than 4GB, rather 8GB of system memory, therefore I find it hard to believe that this could be a major cause of all these problems.

    Something else might be the amount of memory on the graphics card or rather the amount of system memory assigned for dedicated use of the graphic chip - which is far more likely to be the problem. For those of you that are comfortable with BIOS settings, usually only the very small amount of 64MB is assigned for the dedicated use of an onboard graphics chip - depending on your amount of total available memory you might want to try if raising this to the 128MB-512MB options improves the crash situation...

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    I'm baaaaack... Bah!

    I took a few days off and at one point installed the new Nvidia drivers.

    Played awhile today and then the crashes started up again.

    Applied the fix that worked before and now it does nuttin.

    This fix...

    Press START and type into the search REGEDIT, once located, launch.
    Go to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software
    Locate the folder entitled "Cryptozoic"
    Right click and delete. Agree to delete all subcomponents
    Locate the folder entitled "HEX Entertainment"
    Right click and delete. Agree to delete all subcomponents
    Relaunch HEX

    It is much worse and more frequent now than it was when I was here hollering everyday.

    Guess I'll try support again,mebbe they got some new idears...mebbe (paws crossed)!

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    is there any update on this?
    Are they working on it? Will any graphic options come soon?

    Everytime i have an hour or so of free time i play the game i am excited, then 20 minutes and 3 crashes later i keep wondering why i still bother. This is completely unplayable ... Currently i spend more time on AH than in the game...

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