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Thread: crash at the end of battles

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    I cant open deck manager anymore now.
    4 times in a row i load campaign and then when i click the deck manager it loads for half, then it freezes and says HEX is not responding and then it crashes to the desktop without an error message. Waited a minute, launched HEX again and same thing happened.
    4 times in a row now ...
    i wanted to play this weekend, not sure what to do now, am already up to date with all the TV shows i was following >.>

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    The main map in campaign crashing more than ever now. Almost every time entering the deck manager or a battle directly from there.

    Dungeons are nearly purrrrfectly fine of course.

    Pliz fix yer game thnx

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    Took a little break of champaign and when I tryed again few weeks ago, I crashed after the first battle. Since then I just live with and ignore AZ1 completely and do arena runs for PVE experience..
    Hope for some options for AZ2, but after this time I dont think any positive will happen in this case and this is letting me down a bit...

    Also the system requirements where updated at steam for this reason I guess

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