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Thread: Cleric, Warrior, and Mage Talents - First Impressions by FiveShards

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    Cleric, Warrior, and Mage Talents - First Impressions by FiveShards

    With PvE finally released, the class system adds another layer of strategy and choices. Read our first impressions on the talents available for each of the 3 classes:




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    Nice list - Wurtil's notes on Mage so far, match with my early observations. Spry has been invaluable though, as I can't remember how many encounters I've sat at 1hp and won. The extra 2 has been helpful, and the starting 1 sp always guarantees 1 soothsaying on 3rd shard.

    I look forward to playing the other trees later.

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    The war machine talent description does not seem to match the card. They review the wrong one?
    They even say "Gets much better if you find ways to give it Speed," . Well it already has by default...

    Unlock: War Machine – 1 Talent Point – Unlocks 1 War Machine or 2 War Machines for 100 card decks. (War Machine is a 3-cost Artifact Troop with Must Attack, Rage 3, Crush and with ATK and DEF equal to the number of Warlord talents you have).

    edit; in fact almosst none of the skills discussed for the warriors tree match with my warrior tree.
    Some talents discussed do not even exist for me, and others that i have are not on your list.
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    The Warrior review appears to be based on the Gencon preview rather than the live release, so there are a few difference.

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