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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtlewing View Post
    The card you get for completing the tutorial dungeon. It's a troop version of the champion you duel with in the first encounter.
    I doubt that. Since he wrote he levelled some for the PvE uniques i tend to think he refers to the card you get after completing the second bridge.

    My impressions on the races so far:

    - Necrotic mage:

    The racial spell is problematic. You can get a ressource, which is at least marginally useful, even if the unlock doesn't favor your color, but you can simply get a card you can not play - at least that gets you a card where rerolling with your standard spell doesn't have a cost component.

    The grid access somewhat compensates for that, as B/D feels really strong even without buying from the AH, even more so with those cards you cannot find as drops.

    - Coyotle cleric:

    Monument after one level makes for an easy early game. Adding health blessings to one's deck seems a bit boring for a charge power, though.

    Very strong grid access. I'm currently playing Diamond with splashes (mostly buffs) of Ruby and Sapphire, which feels really strong, after i bought some cheap swiftstrike generators from the AH.

    - Shin'hare mage:

    Good racial spell, which provides a sometimes critical removal option. Didn't need the dungeon lives yet, so i'm a bit undecided about that.

    Grid access could be better, but Wild/Blood may simply not be my color. Pure shin'hare decks seem problematic without investing platinum, as some critical cards can't be had with gold - maybe that will work out in the future.

    Only dabbled in the other races. Elves seem pretty strong with good racials and medium+ grid access , Vennen are really random with those eggs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinane View Post
    - Coyotle cleric:

    Monument after one level makes for an easy early game. Adding health blessings to one's deck seems a bit boring for a charge power, though.

    Very strong grid access. I'm currently playing Diamond with splashes (mostly buffs) of Ruby and Sapphire, which feels really strong, after i bought some cheap swiftstrike generators from the AH.
    I found that the best thing to run with clerics, I'm running this on my own coyotle cleric, if you don't care about weaponizing the life gain is to use Archmage Wrenlocke to make blessings give an extra draw, augur to be able to play them off the top of the deck, and dreamsmoke to help find them, along with Good Karma . Unfortunately Wrenlocke and Augur are Legendary so you'll only be able to run one of each until Level 8, but I've found it really, really good in a W/S ramp deck--especially with Prospero to also combo off of Wrenlocke.

    Edit: and, instead of Monument of Faith, I'm going Enhance Blessing: Empowerment for +1/+1 blessings, Good Karma to get more of them, and Divine Altar to double them--the copied blessings also activate Wrenlocke, which is awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rosefurcht View Post
    You're right, potential to be good. Depending on luck. If you have a pool of 16 Baselife hoping for luck isnt quiet the best you can do. The Skill Telekinese got his potential to, but its still unbalanced as , If you see the warriors Bash, with 4-5 Damage on Face or Creature while he got for example orc Warrior 25! Baselife... Im lvl 7 and im stucked, i cant beat the wormoids and cant beat the fourth Dungeon because all the Burning damage, on the other side i cant even reskill my skills because necrotic mage is bugged... At this point im really mad, and dont say me to farm i have enough cards, like 5k cards... Also the 3-2-2-1 Restriction on lvl 9 is pretty bad compared to other class/race combinations, yes you can use all besides wild with 1-1-1-1 but the 2 Rare restriction is ballsy...
    I agree the Necrotic Mage Spell is kinda rubbish, but as far as shard restrictions, with just a couple modifications you could put together the deck I used to take on Devonshire:

    There's only 4 cards that are x3 just about everything else is a 1-of with a couple x2. Take out the x3 cards and replace with x2 Dream Eagles w/equip, x1 Hellshot Catapult, and +1 Kill.

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    Thanks to everyone for awesome feedback so far, please continue while you get more experience with other characters, I will write few more as well. I have drawn the winners from responses so far:

    #65 Ertzi
    #35 Mejis

    Please send me your ingame name to get the AoM booster packs as I have promised!

    Edit: Notified both through PM
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    - Dwarf warrior:

    The racial spell is great as it could be expected and it can break your opponent in critical moments especially with enough charge generation (2 turns of resource blackout from in turn 4 and 5). I went for card discard talent as soon as possible, since I'm rarely using the spell as removal. Armor is brilliant and can save you on many occasions, however the class lacks decent warriors or early artifacts for transformation (as cleric has) if you are building robot/dwarf deck.

    The grid access is quite bad, you are limited to R/S with low amount of rares and legendaries (and also uncommons early on). I can recommend, however commons make the deck playable.

    - Orc cleric:

    Racial is useful however not critical, I have had very low amount of blessings in short games. The biggest advantage of the blessings is playing arena Arena regular with equipment and having it deal damage. Monument and lifedrain come as useful additions while breaking your opponent down early.

    I felt the grid access limiting during deck construction as good clerics are often rare.

    - Orc warrior:

    I thought the racial will be better especially now when comparing to the dwarf warrior. However the talents have great synergies as there is many orc warriors that synergy with the class and racial.

    I felt that grid access is quite good with early access to a lot of commons and uncommons. The rush tactics didn't need that many rares and I got to two quite early as well.

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    Elf Cleric:
    Lord of the Ramps, I love playing this one. It's really easy to ramp into legendary cards when you can put 3 of each in your deck and your racial/class combo gives you even more ramp ontop of healing and card draw. This is definitely the game's version of easy mode if you have good legendary cards.

    Still haven't managed to beat Devonshire with it though, that place punishes ramp so badly with how many burns and rush they're playing, you'll never get your mana elves to stick around for longer than 1 turn.

    Human warrior:
    Playing a white/blue/red warrior only deck, with only a caller added for draw and it works great. Bonus points for using a Deathless Guardian with the equip, which means -you- as the player are also immune to all non-combat damage. It greatly helps with a whole lot of encounters when they can't suddenly wipe your entire field with 1 card, although I have yet to beat the final boss of Devonshire despite this.

    Vennen Mage:
    This is the game mode for people who hate themselves with a passion and love nothing more than to whip themselves all day for perceived faults. Playing vennen mage is -terrible-. You start with so little HP that somebody sneezing will likely mean a game over, and the "flexibility" hardly makes up for it. It does very well in a few specific encounters such as the Killipede (being able to give a killipede -1/0 means it no longer deals damage, and as such can't toxify you.), but for almost every other encounter, you're better off with something else.

    I still haven't managed to beat the burning goliath with this guy, it may very well be impossible unless you cheese it with cards like hunger of the mountain with lifedrain. Even if you get him to turn in 3 turns, he'll simply wipe your entire board when he changes and then finish you off with the two elementals he spawns. Your low, low, loooow starting HP is definitely a crippling factor against him.

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    Coyotle mage racial spell seems good on paper but practically it is useless. The 0-3 dmg range allows it to do absolutely nothing for 7 spellpoints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fateanomaly View Post
    Coyotle mage racial spell seems good on paper but practically it is useless. The 0-3 dmg range allows it to do absolutely nothing for 7 spellpoints.
    it feels like 0 75% of the time. I think the spell system needs a little rework, maybe design 3 types of spells. Because with the current spell point system til we see Adventure zone 2 we don't know if getting SP will become easier til we see the full planned out mage talent.

    Cantrips -> cheap spells with minor effects, but never increase in SP. So Draw then discard will always be 4 SP

    Focus Spell -> Spells that increase in SP, and effect for additional casts but they stop at a certain point. So the tornado spell becomes

    1st cast -> Deal 1 damage to all creatures for 6 SP
    2nd cast -> Deal 2 damage to all creatures for 7 SP
    3rd cast -> Deal 3 damage to all creatures for 8 SP

    or Telekensis is

    1st cast -> target creature goes to the hand as normal 6SP
    2nd cast -> if target creature is an enemy +1 to the cost 7SP
    3rd cast -> The before applies, and if it's an ally it costs -1 to play 8SP

    Channeled Spell -> Spell doesn't increase in cost but requires more SP to get better

    Vennen's -1 attack becomes

    Spend 6+X, for each additional 1 SP added to this spell increase the effect by 1, with a limit of how many SP you can spend

    Human's polymorph becomes

    Spend 5+X, for every additional 1 SP lower/raise the cost of the beast it becomes. For allies it starts at level 2 and ends at 4 and enemies it becomes 4 and ends at 2

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    Yay, nothing about Vennen Warriors...

    Gues i now know, why i can't beat Killipede, Spitfire Elemental (just managed to do so once, but then...), Wiktor...

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    I have a number of character feedback notes I'd like to add -- is this an appropriate thread for Hardcory feedback, or is this primarily for more constructed playthroughs?

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