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Thread: "_______ is That"

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    "_______ is That"

    I've noticed a nasty habit growing among PlAYERS both on the forums here and in-game. Players both new and old will remark that a specific encounter was THIS and THAT in their own choice of words, and a number of PLAYERS and a number of vets, some well known players, will immediately interject that "____ is This ect.

    Most players understand that the more difficult encounters are puzzles that you must solve with the right deck and the expressed frustration is a player's inability to crack the puzzle reliably.

    I don't really know why people have this need to voice there opinion like its fact.


    I'm done messing with the "_______ is easy" post my point is

    The game is made the way it is for a REASON if its to easy/hard whatever the problem is YOU. you might be to good or to bad or not paitent enuff or million other things what ever you are thats the problem demanding any change to the game and the expericance for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! just because you say this is that dosen mean it is for EVERYONE.

    So can everyone plase discuss things instead and relise that everone is difrent and that your experiance is yours alone and dont think that experiance should be/shouldent be or could be that experiance to ALL


    My point dont be THE problem
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    _____ is _____ suxx the most!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bofedy View Post
    The game is made the way it is for a REASON if its to easy/hard whatever the problem is YOU.

    My point dont be THE problem
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