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Thread: Infiltrate freeze the game

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    Infiltrate freeze the game

    Your Display Name: pyrovoice
    Bug Description: When playing Infiltrate with underworld troop on the field, the game cannot change state (no clickable button, nothing selectionnable...)
    Steps to Reproduce: have an underworld troop on the field, play infiltrate
    Frequency: 100%
    Additional Information: haven't tested it without the underworld allegiance, or without any troop

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    Having the exact same problem, every time. Again, only tested with Underworld troops, and without its equipment.
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    It isn't just with underworld. I got it with an elf champion and deck against Dream Eagle, and it locks when I try to cast it.

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    I have been having the same issue with using it, regardless of Underworld Allegiance. It is possible to concede out of the match, though. It seems to just freeze the match, not the game itself.

    It also allows zooming on on cards in hand / on the field, just not selecting any of them.

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