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    Finishing campaign as Necrotic Cleric was the most pleasant experience from all campaign runs I did.

    Wormoid Queen - first try. After that run with 59 Gnomes on easy path - first try each nod.
    Killepede - first try. Both nods.
    Chained Goliath - second try, since he managed to deal himself 5x3 damage while I was flooded.
    Last dungeon - once lost a life due to extreme flood.

    Thematic deck with <1000 plat cost. I believe around 500 (Vampire Princess is useless most of the time, you can drop her easily).

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    I'm playing a human cleric. I didn't kill piranhas, escorted the gnomes or killed the second Killipede (I tried swiftstrike in d/r, control in d/s and somethin in between, but the AI always had an answer to my plays)

    I've played with lots of clerics in the deck, some inspires and couple of big minions. I constantly find myself in top deck mode, then when I get a blessing I get a shard from it..

    The healing aura talent is great for Righteous Paladin, but other than that not much use. The talent which makes a copy of a cleric you play is the best imo, but drawing it on time...

    Paladin of the Necropolis would be nice, but being able to use only one copy of every blood card at lvl 5+ is not something I'd consider splashing into.

    Like the OP mentioned I too find it that the cleric is good at stalling, but against rush, ramped big minions or hard removal (and lets face it hard removal in this new PvE is absurd at least on bosses), there's not much you can do. Sure you can put every imaginable removal into the deck, but how do you win then?

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    Friend of Jankbot gets better at higher levels.
    Levels far over the current lvCap

    I'm probably gonna start playing a dwarf soon, Because of all the really cool new artifacts we've got.
    Not sure what class to go with.

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    it is hard to decide what is best since we only see a small portion of the talent tree.
    but so far I think cleric looks like the best class, simply because it gives most health and armor so you have more time to set up your board.

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    I don't know how anyone can think that Monument of Faith (an artifact gives Steadfast to all your troops) isn't worth it. It might just be the strongest neutral talent yet. I mean, Divine Altar and Affinity absolutely can and will win you games, but at the same time they are shoehorning you into playing Clerics, which isn't a bad thing by itself, if not for the diversity of the available decks. Now, Monument provides you with a lot of options that usually may seem sub-par. And first and foremost, Droo. The freaking DROO. Second, steadfast is always a good thing. Simply because it considerably expands your options. It makes Adaptatron a terrifying attacker as well as a fearsome defender. It affects Fists of Briggadon. It makes AI decide between taking damage from Killblade and blocking them. I've ran it in every single Cleric deck I'd made (three so far) and never regretted it once.
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    For everyone who was saying delaying isn't any good, sometimes its the only thing that matters, like when a infernal is played turn 2 and turn 3. Taking 20 damage in upkeep hurts! Hurts even more when u cant even attack the boss.

    This is pve so i wouldn't be surprised if crazy set ups like this will be that rare in end game content

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    Erm dwarf have blessing rod, which is rather strong as soon you get to around 4 talent point. Thing is cleric is not made good by they charge power at early levels. instead they high healthpool and solid talent is what makes em good early game.

    here is how i look at dwarf cleric, and remeber this is free respec every level up!
    At 1 talent point:
    Cleric troops = life gain on all cleric (foreman is a cleric and can make blessing rod into warbot)
    other troops = get more health (foreman for early warbot chance!)

    At 2 talent point:
    Cleric troops = divine altar(foreman again, yet if late game you draw forman have useless artifact, 2 warbots!)
    other troops = monument of faith

    At 3 talent point:
    Cleric troops = divine altar + more health
    other troops = monument of faith + more health

    At 4 talent point:
    Here it where the fun start for all cleric, but even more so for dwarf
    Cleric troops = divine altar + monument of faith +health + dungeon life
    other troops = healing aura + good karma or faith in our leader + monument of faith(This is more for diamond/wild/blood)

    This 4 point threshold is where blessing finally get fun to play with.This means that you will get more and more blessing in your deck. Since you get atleast a blessing for each charge power(2 charge power for 2 or 4 blessing), so blessing will more or less replace themself for dwarf with charge power from other sources then blessing means more blessing in deck. And healing aura helps getting em too you.
    From now on talent build will also start to be different, will you go for soul vessel, divine altar, monument of faith, stronger blessing or chance on super blessing!

    Yes early game, you deck was kinda boring and simpel(Which actually perfect for start of the campaign and new players), this also a pretty standard thing for any RPG/MMO, early game sucks. But at 4 talent point the game more or less explodes in deck building. You will be seeing blessings and getting charges, this means a very powerful charge deck can open up for you now, you can go for cleric deck(all colours has em), if you going for standard robot troops there is still monument of faith and it´s build in "shield trainer" talent.
    At max level for now you will be able to have a that nice healing aura with soul vessel, stronger blessing monument or divine altar.

    Also you under valuing steadfast, +1 defensive and good karma for to much. But that more of perosnal opion for using cleric deck up to level 8.

    I do not see any problem with dwarf cleric, and even less with other clerics (Looking forward to soul vessel for elf, with divine altar and healing aura, that can get big. Since all blessing gives a genesis leaf). Hell even if tier 2 and 3 of talent didn´t come out and we got more talent point, cleric is still in a good spot.
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    Turn 1 construction foreman. Enough said

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    Has anyone tried mill dwarf cleric? being limited to 3 daisies would hurt I imagine, but you can generate so many charges it seems it would get out of hand really fast.

    Alternatively arena regular seems insane, especially with the helmet that makes it do 2 damage when you use your charge power, which you'd be doing every turn.

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    I tried a human cleric first without looking at all the talents and starting shard colors and after a few levels I realized necrotic was the way to go.

    Blood/diamond cleric deck is a lot of fun and at max level when we can reach it the 2 extra talent points will be nice.

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