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Thread: missing card "Wormoid Hydra"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding_warrior View Post
    ... and same here. Is this a random bug or same for everyone that beat the Wormoid Queen?
    Same for everyone.

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    Just as I had collected my fourth hydra today I hovered over the card and it said I had none in my collection

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    missing 2 Hydras
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    Got the first hydra, but the second one is missing

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    Yep, i finally defeated the Queen, and the newly acquired hydra just went to the Arrakis to make more spice, instead to be in my collection...

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    It's the same for everyone. They aren't lost, just not available. They'll be awarded at some point. Just need to wait.

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    Yup, 1 is showing the other isn't

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