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Thread: "instant game effects"

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    "instant game effects"

    I played many arena runs before the campaign was released. So in general I have a good idea where effects and changes come from. But in the campaign I have noticed that often effects trigger "out of nowhere" for me.
    Some cards even say "if this is in your deck at the start of the game, then... "
    and then the opponent might wonder why the enemy suddenly gets a bonus.
    Other examples are the luck sack and shiitake chef that randomly do something and you have to remember all numbers to see what changed.
    Now with the release of the campaign I have noticed a significant increase in these effects. And because I know the HEX basics, I immediately check the passive battlefield effect. opposing champion effects etc. However for newer players I think many things do happen on the battlefield without them knowing why or where it came from.
    If you are winning, it doesnt matter too much, but if you are losing this information is vital to improve your deck for the next encounter.

    For the luck sack and shiitake chef an easy message could be made to mention the bonus. But for the other example I do not know if there is a proper way to inform the opponent without revealing cards from your deck.

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    Hex really needs a log for each card of all the effects on it (similar to what hearthstone does).

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    This has been a problem since Day one and I can only completely agree. We need to have a log that details everything that just happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marsden View Post
    This has been a problem since Day one and I can only completely agree. We need to have a log that details everything that just happened.
    yupyupyup /signed.

    Having played for years I still sometimes see a VICTORY! or DEEFAT! screen and am like. wtf just happened?

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    The more HEX utilizes the digital design space, the more a "combat log" becomes necessary. In a physical TCG you and your opponent go through every step with calculators, coin flips, dice rolls, etc, but in a digital TCG everything happens automatically. The only other solution is to put every effect on the chain so we can all smash our spacebars to oblivion. I support the addition of a combat log.

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    We've been requesting this for a very long time. We definitely need a combat log, even if it's hidden by default. Also, that's where "your opponent took a mulligan" belongs, not in chat.

    Example of prior request:

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    Definitely stupid to have mulligan notification in chat. I agree that a combat log is a mandatory addition at some point. Also, make it readable even after the match. I sometimes lose without ever knowing why after a complicated board state with lots of triggers. I would always want to study what the chain of events was.

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    Now that we have a Suggestions forum, maybe this thread should move there.

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    +1 agreed.

    Also it would be nice to have an indicators (e.g. icons) if the card has been modified in any way, e.g.:
    1) Many cards in Campaign can START with modified text/stats as the drawn or can be modified in hand (before they are ever played), and the modifications are hidden in the bottom half of the card that is cut off by the display - you have to manually check every card in your hand every turn, or risk missing a buff/debuff;
    2) When cards are in play, important modifications to the text of the card's effects are hard to see without manually zooming in on each card (especially if you have multiple copies in play);
    3) Both these problems are much more inconvenient if you convert your cards to Extended Art (as many of us like to do for our favourite decks) - this makes it even more difficult to notice if the card's text is modified.

    This could be fixed by some indicator on card title while in hand if it is modified in ANY way,
    and an icon on the card (like for rage, lifedrain etc.) while in play if the TEXT has been modified.

    Also the text font on cards can become so tiny that is impossible to read (especially when the card been inspired/modified multiple times) - it would be useful to be able to pop up a scrollable text window where the text could be displayed in a readable font size.

    There's a fair bit to do yet in creating a interface that suits the digital rule space it is trying to explore.
    The paper card game analogue the interface trys to replicate is fine when it is using rules that have been tried and tested in that medium, but a new rule space where cards can interact and permanently modify others across zones, often in complex chain reactions where computers are applying the rules, needs a fairly large rethink (IMHO) as to how this conveys to both players (and audience with e-sports aspirations) what is going on.

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