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Thread: 150 card + decks are unbearable to play in PvE

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    150 card + decks are unbearable to play in PvE

    I'd really like to see this addressed.
    Part of the beauty of this digital TCG, and the options you want to see players use, is in the variety. In this specific scenario: JankBot decks, or Dwarf/Clerics with blessings, or Spider themed decks lack the ability to flow in the game due to processing lag. I don't know why the additional cards on the table cause so much in-game processing lag.

    Friend of JankBot trait is a joke.. My Dwarf/Cleric right now, pumps his deck beyond 150 cards on turn 2, and then it takes me 3minutes or so to play each turn. In the time it's taken me to nearly clear the dream dungeon, I beat nearly 3/4ths of the campaign with an Orc Warrior....

    It's very frustrating that this was not addressed and fixed after it was brought to the attention of everyone after the release of set2 / the Arena.

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    I agree that Jank Bot decks are terrible right now, but not because of lag. Lag affects every single deck; I was playing a standard 60 card deck last night and was still having turns take 5-10 minutes because of lag. They're terrible because the balance for playing 150 card decks is that you get to play 4 Jank Bots. Unfortunately, especially at low levels, you don't actually get to play 4 Jank Bots in the campaign right now. It really feels like the shard grid should be relaxed a bit for larger decks. Say, if you have 100+ cards in the deck you get +1 to all your shard grid (to a max of 4) and if you have 150+ cards you have another +1 (still to a max of 4).

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    This explains a lot. I thought I just had the same lag from the past few days. Its a bummer too because I was really enjoying my Jank Bot deck even with only 1 Jank Bot. I guess I will revisit it once this issue is fixed.

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    There is so many garbage talents, or things that need to be worked out or rethought I mean... Necrotic?

    One WHOLE Hp for every 8 shards

    24 Blood shards = 1 HP

    12 Blood shards + 12 diamond shards = 2 hp

    10 Blood Shards + 10 Diamond shards + 4 B/D Shards = 2 hp

    8 Blood Shards + 8 Diamond shards + 8 Ruby shards = 3 hp

    4 Blood Shards + 4 Diamond Shards + 4 Ruby Shards + 4 B/D Shards + 4 D/R Shards + 4 R/B Shards = 0 hp

    Necrotic Cleric: Get Armor 1.... okay guys so let me get it straight I'm just a bad dwarf cleric

    Necrotic Mage: Pay 7 SP to take the top card of their deck and not play it because it's not your shard AND THE FIELD GOES WIIIILD FOR WORST MAGE TALENT PERIOD.

    Then Efficient... 2% more gold, which is 1% then the human one, and 3 % less then the vennen one... the problem with extra exp/gold talents is... to net 1,000 gold form my talent.

    100 = 2 Gold
    1000 = 20 Gold
    10,000 = 200 Gold
    100,000 = 2,000 Gold

    So every 50k I make 1k extra gold, it does add up sure... but it's such a boring talent that just makes you go... okay if i want to grind gold i run Vennen because at 50k they've made 2.5k gold. Or the elf one which is a 25% chance for the random star dust after a dungeon completion they have a 25% chance to get 750 - 10k gold. This would take my necrotic to make 50k-500k Gold before i got that bonus.

    But let's say a dungeon run was 1k for the whole run , and we did 100 runs to get 100k. 25 x 750 = 18,750 vs 2% = 2000,3000,5000.

    That is if the dungeon only gave him common star dusts by the way so with the math done, mathematically speaking the best gold (heck it's easier to convert star dust to platinum too). It's simply better to pick elf for gold farming.

    Honestly IMO there is so many poorly designed talents... elf win for the most poorly designed powerful ones

    #1 in gold gain talents
    #1 in starting health talents

    and a taster for the finer things... REALLY? This isn't a oh pay to win to be a good elf, doing this to a deck is a joke for you if you farm dungeons but look at it like this. Warriors pay 7 hp for this mechanic... elfs just go whoops i sprinkled some dust and run some rare and I get it

    so Elf = 6 Hp + 2 Charge Points + Best gold gaining talent in the game.

    Necrotic need a whole rework, honestly the only thing that looks remotely good is +2 talents, but is that really worth having such garbage traits?

    Dwarf just needs to change friend of jank bot

    Elf needs to be hit by a rework of 2 of it's talents

    Human/Necrotic/Elf/Vennen just honestly remove their money gaining talents they're just so honestly boring compared to the ones that make you go oh hey maybe i should make my deck like this to get this effect...
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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteyzz View Post
    Necrotic need a whole rework, honestly the only thing that looks remotely good is +2 talents, but is that really worth having such garbage traits?

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    I haven't had a look at Necrotic yet. I just want to clarify that this post was not about criticism about the PvE Talent Tree and Racial Attributes. It was criticism about the game not being playable once a deck goes above 60 cards... I mean, 100 is not too bad, but 150 adds about 20x-30x time to all priority passes.

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    their starting rare from the tutorial also is pretty poor imo.

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    Guys - Necrotic have the best possibilities to play 3+ shards. That flexibility will give them a HUGE advantage later in the campaign. Maybe some talents needs tweaking, but it is very early in the campaign still.

    Nico - it sounds like a memory leak that will probably be fixed in the next patch.
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    I completely disagree. I've been playing a Dwarf Warrior as my second character and have decided it is my jank bot champion. When used with the free talent that gives you 2 charges you almost automatically can use your charge power which helps immensely against rush type decks. I have a wide collection of cards so this might be why I like the 150 deck ideas cause I get to use a lot of the cards I have. But I can understand that for a newer player it is hard to take advantage of this racial talent. As to the lag problem: I have not experienced any lag difference between a deck with 150 cards or a deck with 60 cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LargoLaGrande View Post
    Honestly i can agree with this two points could be a massive deal at max.
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