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Thread: Devonshire Toolbox - Sapphire/Blood Human Mage

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    Devonshire Toolbox - Sapphire/Blood Human Mage

    Just cleared Devonshire with no deaths using this deck:!/deck=49113

    Though I think Open Mind is bugged because I don't get 2* for each one-of spell I cast (which is how I'm reading the talent, I may be wrong).

    3x Servant of Shathak
    1x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda'jin
    1x Paladin of the Necropolis
    3x Thunderfield Elder
    1x Vampire Princess
    3x Azurefate Sorceress (Gems = Cruelty / Sky)
    1x Bastardspawn of Bokrug
    2x Cyclone Shaman
    2x Indigo Dreamwalker
    1x Merciless Culler
    1x Piranha Swarm
    1x Wakizashi Ambusher
    1x Mentor of the Grave
    1x Prophet of Lodegan
    1x Eternal Guardian

    1x Contract Killing (Weapon of Choice)
    3x Arcane Focus
    1x Call the Grave
    1x Sorrow
    1x Life Siphon
    1x Sudden Awakening
    1x Blood Aura (Lifetaker Hood)
    1x Elegy of Death
    1x Kill
    1x Oracle Song
    1x Vampiric Kiss
    1x Extinction
    1x Zodiac Divination (Shoes of Divine Foresight + Constellation Blade)

    Resources (I'm able to get by with 22 resources because of the mage talent Self Knowledge)
    9x Blood Shard
    9x Sapphire Shard
    4x Shard of Cunning

    A brief primer for anyone not familiar with Toolbox or "Silver Bullet" decks:

    A toolbox deck is a control deck at it's core and it's function is to have the right answer at the right time. Key things to remember are: Don't be shy to mulligan if you don't have the tool you need for a particular fight, for example Wiktor definitely needs a removal card in the opening hand. This deck has lots of cards that work together in various combinations, so while you won't always get any particular synergy, there are quite a few -it's up to you to figure out what you can create during a match.

    Some synergies to keep in mind:
    Soothsaying (mage spell) + Elegy of Death + Prophet of Lodegan/Azurefate Sorceress - By turn 3 you can dump PoL to your grave while drawing a card and bring him straight into play with EoD. 4 x 3/3's will pretty much be game when you get it. Or you can grab Azurefate in a pinch to get her out a turn early.

    Azurefate Sorc + Cyclone Shaman + Merciless Culler
    - This is a very lucky one, but if you get a prophesized Culler, you can bring it back to your hand each turn via Gem of Cruelty and when you cast it, you get an action card back from the grave, you sac it to itself and repeat every turn.

    Cyclone Shaman + Call the Grave/Azurefate + Thunderfield elder - Thunderfield makes an action cast twice, bring back the troop that Cyclone Shaman prophesized and recur actions that were prophesized by Thunderfield Elder.

    Monsuun + Extinction - Wipe the board, get all your dude back.

    Blood aura/Vampire Princess + Paladin of Necopolis - Heal + damage

    Azurefate + Merciless Culler/Wakizashi Ambusher - Being able to make your opponent sac a troop each turn or give one -2/-2 and then chump block another! Basically Gem of Cruelty is awesome, esp with prophecy.

    Indigo Dreamwalker + Call the Grave/Azurefate - Making cards free to cast, so good. And free eternal guardian is so very nice.

    Deck with lots of different cards + Servent of Shathak - Wohoo 1 cost 2/2 flyer. It's not a real synergy, but it's just such good value and in Devonshire, being able to drop a 2/2 flyer on turn 1 to chump block those annoying Zombies (esp those 1/2 guys) is pretty amazing.

    I love toolbox decks, they're my favorite and each match really becomes a puzzle as you have lots of pieces that fit together differently, but you can sneak out of almost any situation if you do it right.

    Lastly, cost - some of these cards may be out of reach for a new player, but don't fret, they're not all needed.

    Eternal Guardian - If I'm honest, this guy rarely sees play. He's basically insurance. I usually pitch him to soothsaying if he hasn't been prophesized or I need an answer much sooner. He could be replaced with nearly anything.

    Monsuun, Sogun of Winda'Jin - He's not 100% absolutely necessary, but I would say he's a pretty strong addition to the deck. Simply providing the freedom to chump block or board wipe without worry, not to mention all the prophesized cards doing their thing. It can set of nice chains of synergy and fill your board. He can be replaced, but need something pretty effective in his place.

    Extinction - This is a pricey card, I will say that it's not only an important part of the deck, but it's a powerhouse in any format you play. You probably won't go wrong picking these up if you're looking to buy cards, however, for the cost of this one you can grab a whole bunch of other stuff, so if you've got a really sparse collection, holding off won't be the end of the world. Esp for this deck, it's a one-of anyway.

    Indigo Dreamwalker - A staple of this deck. He's just a part of too many synergies as well as straight up providing a free card in your deck allowing you to do more in a single turn.

    Bastardspawn of Bokrug - I'm 50/50 on this one, you can likely replace him without too much trouble, but on the flip side, he just annihilates games. This deck is pretty good at neutralizing threats, paving the way for this thing to chew up the opponent's deck.

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    Spells aren't cards. They're your mage special abilities at the bottom left of the match screen.

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    Just realize this was in the sticky thread about race decks, figured I would add what my human mage is currently running.

    Also to note re what Zurai said, yeah old habits die hard, I didn't understand that "spell" meant class spell and not "card".

    Sapphire Diamond Control

    Game winners
    x3 Awaken
    x3 Orders from High Command (chest + trinket)
    x2 King Lodegan's Call

    x3 Spirit of Retribution (boots + head)
    x3 Servant of Shathak
    x2 Lady Devonshire
    x2 Dream Eagle (gloves)
    x1 Eternal Guardian

    x2 Hex Engine
    x1 Sealed Tomb
    x1 Shrine of Prosperity
    x1 Dwarven Turbine
    x1 Sapper's Charge
    x1 Tome of Knowledge
    x1 Scroll of Yazukan

    x3 Inner Conflict (weapon)
    x2 Arcane Focus
    x1 Circle of Preservation
    x1 Immortality
    x1 Zodiac Divination
    x1 Reversion
    x1 Mastery of Time

    x4 Shard of Purpose
    x9 Sapphire Shard
    x9 Diamond Shard

    Mage talents:
    Spry: +2 HP, start with 1*
    Secret Knowledge: One card in the top 5 of your deck gets cost -2
    Self Knowledge: +1 starting card and hand size
    Worldly Knowledge: If you have 4 actions in crypt, when you play an action void them and gain 2*
    Knowledge is Power: You start with a Knowledge is Power in your deck. 1 cost target action in your hand gets, when you play this, copy it.

    Control early board and stay alive with Servants of Shathak and Spirit of Retributions. You don't cast the spirit's, you wait for opposing troop to attack and let it hop into play - they have lifedrain which is pretty nice for mages and their equips give them +2 atk so you can swing for some damage here and there.

    Develop board and draw cards so you can prep for midgame (approx. T5) when you play Awaken or Orders from High Command. Once these are played you're pretty set for a few more turns. Finish game with King Lodegan's Call, copy it with Knowledge is Power if you can (you only have to pay X once).

    You can also use Knowledge is Power on things like Mastery of Time to get 2 extra turns. Zodiac Divination to draw 6 cards. Inner Conflict to make 2 troops unable to attack/block.

    Lady Devonshire will scoop back key actions in your deck, so be mindful of the Worldly Knowledge talent, use Lady D to either keep crypt free of actions or clean out actions you don't want copied and replaced and follow up with Lady D to bring back actions that you will play after her arrival.

    Reversion is useful for debuffing an opposing troop, fixing one of your own, but most importantly it resets the casting cost of Circle of Preservation which is a great stalling card, cause you're really just buying time until Orders from High Command become cheap enough to cast, once you have one in play it's really difficult to lose.

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    Tip #1
    Indigo Dreamwalker without Augur of Sirion (or Dreamsmoke Mystic) is just too random.
    Add a couple so you can hit the proper card

    Tip #2
    Once Cyclone Shaman hit 1-2 troops on the board, imagine the insane recursion a Mistlord (weapon equip) would provide... add Cyclone Shaman itself prophesying more troops turn after turn...
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