Hello all !

We have a tactics issue with scenario 1 of Campaign 3 The Stay Puft Show Down.
We have no idea how to play it.
By that I mean that we lose it each time very quickly as we are very quickly separated and unable to do much and the Spirit world empties in no time.
Is there a general strategy we are missing ? Maybe not try to close the Gates but on the contrary deposit a maximum of ghosts ? Clean out the ghosts before trying to close the Gates ?

And on game ruling question : When rolling the event die and the gate is closed that many ghosts emerge from the nearest ghostbuster.... Do they all emerge on the same space and if so do class 1 and 2's merge together (class 1 with class 1 and class 2 with class 2) ? Do each of them emerge on a different space around the ghostbuster ?

Many thanks!