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Thread: Random pve questions

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    Random pve questions

    1) Is Gareth Kay's inspire power bugged? I've tested it several times, doesn't seem to work.

    2) When I finally fixed the robot (JP2374... or something), he said something like "I was supposed to give this to my master, but instead I'll give it to you". Then the quest ended without awarding neither xp or a reward.

    3) Do optional battles such as Wormoid Queen, Piranhas and Army of Myth grant special prizes?


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    1) I have seen other people say that. I have never used Gareth, but when his power shows up on the Highland Magus, it works just fine. At least for me.

    2) you have to go back to the old Coyotle to finish the quest

    3) some do, some don't

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    1) Gareth Kay worked for me originally when I first got him. When I came back the next day is appeared to be bugged out.

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    3) yes, all 3 of the ones you listed do, though army of myth is for the level 6 version.

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    I also have a question, I had a fight vs the Ashwood Maestro
    (if I remember correctly, some RUBY Elf)
    and after the fight it said that he dropped a flute.
    I could either destroy it by stepping on it or just leave.
    I decided to stomp it, but nothing happened?

    Did I just make the wrong decision, or will it be important later?
    (I don't want to spoil myself, juse want to be sure it isn't a bug)
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    i think only if the conversation choice has a yellow background, the choice matters, for the rest you can just click what you want.

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