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    1) Bad messaging. If an encounter like this is going to exist, it needs to be CLEARLY LABELED as extremely difficult and optional. Additionally, the ability to abandon needs to be clearly outlined and the method delineated within the quest text.

    2) Unsatisfying encounter design. Forcing you to deal with tons of dead drops, causing even your shards to cause enemies to overwhelm you, and making all of the enemy's troops both insanely strong and numerous... these are not good paths to difficulty. They're just bad design. Not to mention all the other stuff the worms play.

    3) Crappy rewards(from what I've heard).

    4) Forcing you to choose between frustration and monotony is not a good choice.

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    This quest isn't worth the trouble. I doubt I will ever do it again.

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    I just wish you always went first. Thematically it would make sense since you are disturbing the area. Gamewise it's too punishing to only have the single turn before there is already something tunneled, often speeding the clock up even further. It gets to the point that if you don't go first, you should just concede and try again to save time.
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    I think the Wormoids should have had their own "hard mode" section. Something that makes it really clear that this part of the campaign is both optional and very difficult.

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    Oh, good that it is optional. A level 3 human mage vs a 60 or even 35 hp boss who tunnels 10 cards that pop out and -1 everything and are worth 9/5 in battle... yeah not going to try this.

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    While technically it's optional, you do have to pick up the quest to continue, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that hates having a quest sitting there in my log incomplete, staring at me, judging me.

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    Gotta say I've really enjoyed the Gnome quest with my level 4 Coyotle Cleric. My only gripe was that the text at the start made it very unclear to me whether I had to do this now in one go, could come back for more etc (e.g. if I only took 10 gnomes would I be rewarded but then wouldn't be able to go back for the rest). It would also be nice to make it clear that you could go back and drop off the gnomes you have to reset your deck to 0 gnomes (I assume that's how it works) if you happen to have loaded up too many.

    So yeah, very thematic for me, thoroughly enjoyed doing the trips (I split into 12 or 18 groups). I didn't do the middle Wormoid though. Are there different rewards based upon which paths you took?

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    Wormoids are bad design for the same reason that War Bot, Xarloth and Princess Cory are bad design. They reduce even the most efficient decks to mud based solely on the whims of the very punishing random number generator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenRGamer View Post
    Not once, not once, is it specified that the player can back out if they have trouble with it. That's bad design.

    I didn't mind the rest of it.

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    After 2 days of straight losses against the the queen I finally got it .I had to completely clear my deck out, respec my warrior for full damage, and make a gimmick deck to beat it. I was flip flopping between blood aggro and wild ramp until my blood aggro finally had the stars align to kill the thing. Wild ramp was exceptionally painful because once she burrows you have no way to force a fight with the other womoids. You just have to sit there as board advantage is eaten away. Success was only near when I got to play first and 1 of 2 combos came into my starting hand. Got a Hydra and 60 exp for it.

    I have to agree with disliking the way this encounter tries to challenge you. It reminded me a lot of the piranha encounter where I had to stop playing like a warrior, clear out my deck, and make my deck into a board wipe/discard deck to clear it. I am fine with changing tactics and quirky unique effects, but when something takes me so far away from what I've been playing it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Piranha and Wormoid Queen felt really overbearing for deck choice. Isn't class and the card grid enough of a limiter without forcing deck types and extreme RNG? Maybe they could just have dumber AI to go with their really strong effect. Some of the things the AI does is dumb, but not nearly dumb enough to fit a fish or a worm.

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