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Thread: Divine Altar Doubling socketed powers

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    Divine Altar Doubling socketed powers

    This is a pretty niche bug, but I play royal diplomat in my cleric deck with rage/swiftstrike gems. When i play it with divine altar out the copy it creates has rage 2/swiftstrike while the original has the expected rage 1.

    I haven't tested it with other socketed clerics (if there even are any) but it seems to be applying the sockets twice to the copy.

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    I have just also seen this happen with a Rage 2/Swiftstrike copy of a Royal Diplomat from the Divine Altar.
    Amatyr, Grand King + Collector

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    I have also spotted this happening when Periwinkle copied a Sandstone Rumbler with +1/+1 Wild gem.

    The copy has an extra +1/+1 compared to the original.
    Amatyr, Grand King + Collector

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