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    God I hope not - because of distribution issues none of the Gotham Docks promos made it to anyone who got their shipments from anyone but Alliance. Now that they are the sole distributor we get delayed shipments by 2-3 weeks and won't get any promos either.

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    Any word on if Radagast will be on BGG's with the update?

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    Do we know when BGG will update their store? Is there a scheduled time and day each week?

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    Just picked them up from BGG store: joker, Martian, star fire and skitter

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    yes - just got an e-mail from the store that new stock has arrived.

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    Get up while they're up!

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    Promos are up! Skitter, Joker, MM, Starfire, Radaghast.

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    wow manhunter all gone already. gg

    When you are behind and you get this

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    Did you try page two cause he is still showing

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