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Thread: Ardor Day Drop Rates

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    Ardor Day Drop Rates

    So, the event just launched today. I'm curious how folks are faring thus far in your quest to get a playset of Pucid and both equipment.

    I'm pretty happy so far. After the Cloud Family event - I thought I'd be in for a rough ride of getting tons of duplicate, unwanted equipment before seeing something new that I needed. That hasn't been the case so far.

    In my 7 dungeon clears (grinding Usurper dungeon and watching Alucard) I have:

    5x Pucid
    2x Matchmaker's Mitts
    0x Loveinomicon - drawing a blank there.

    Have drops been kind to you all as well, or in my luck unreal?

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    1x loveinomicon, 1x matchmaker's mitts, 1x Pucid so far, which is very satisfying. Was wondering if it was actually on a wheel, given that I got them in successive rarities, apparently it isn't. Think I'm gonna grind usurper too, I don't have many of the cards from it and it's the one I've done the least, though I sympathize with the necrotic more than I do the character I'm playing.
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    2 Pucid, 1 Mitts so far.
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    Only had time for two runs yesterday:
    1x Pucid
    1x Matchmaker's Mitts
    0x Loveinomicon

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    I had one clear on a level 7 and received a Pucid. Then rolled a new character and received a Loveinomicon from clearing some of the early content. Pretty happy with the drop rates.
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    Got in two runs tonight, both dropped Pucid for me. Can't complain with that.
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    I got 3 Loveinomicons, 1 Pucid and 1 Mitts... Small sample sizes hooray!

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    Im 1 for 1 with Lovenomicon
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    6x Pucid
    1x Loveinomicon

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