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Thread: Index of Race & Class Guides for PvE

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    Index of Race & Class Guides for PvE

    Quick blurb: As the game becomes more popular, more people will be looking for guides and I expect that there will also be more guides being written constantly. By creating an index, content creators will get more visibility and feel less like they need to constantly bump threads to be seen. Some parts of this are a work in progress and will be continue to be improved upon as time goes by. Please ONLY respond to this post to have your guide added, do not reply to make suggestions (in order to save from clutter another thread will be made for that).

    To have your guide added to the index please reply to this thread with the following information:
    Race - Class - Link - Author
    Example: Human - Warrior - - Funktion
    Example: Coyotle - Cleric - - Sugarcain
    Example: Human - Mage - - Quantius


    • Cleric (link) by Sugarcain
    • Cleric (link) by Lafoote


    • Cleric (Link) by Unspecified
    • Warrior (link) by Venris


    • Warrior (link) by Darkwonders
    • Warrior (link) by nicosharp
    • Warrior (link) by Saeijou


    • Cleric (link) by Ben
    • Mage (link) by Quantius
    • Mage (link) by Nicosharp
    • Warrior (link) by Funktion


    • Mage (link) by Nicosharp
    • Warrior (link) by Whiteyzz


    • Cleric (link) by BTRC
    • Warrior (link) by Creature
    • Warrior (link) by Nicosharp


    • Cleric (link) by Xexist
    • Cleric (link) by Greyhaven


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