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Thread: Latest Brew - A Toast to 2015

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    Latest Brew - A Toast to 2015

    by Wurtil

    With the inaugural Invitational Qualifiers coming to a close, now is a great time to pause and reflect back on some of the best meta-shaking decks from that past twelve (and a half!) months. There are a lot of lessons learned that we can apply going forward, and oftentimes I find that some of the best inspiration for new decks is utilizing principles that may have been forgotten as the metagame continues to evolve.

    That being said, let's jump into 10 decks that I personally found to be the most exciting in how they both shook up the playing field and for the lessons they can teach us as we move into a whole new year of play...
    Please tweet me @HEXWilliam for a reliable, quick response. Thank you.

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    So how about making an official rock league queue so new players have some way to constructed? :X

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    Nice article, Wurtil. I agree with most of your points, but having played Mono Blood discard in a qualifier, I can tell you that Subtle Striker can also help big-time with slowing down Winter Moon control if you get him out early enough.

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    I really enjoyed this article as there were many excellent points discussed. Thanks .

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    Really good article with a lot of good information. There is 1 point though I completely disagree with. You are saying that in Mono Ruby Aggro you were " to bring in Phoenix as a finisher that could act like an afterthought in his build while being a major hassle for the Cressida and Azurecannon decks of the day. Those decks had few ways to stop an early flight troop in the first place..." and I agree with that on the Cressida part. Azurecannon however has Burn, Ripple, Bolt, Countermagic, Buccaneer and Heat Wave (all with some maindeck copies at that time and most 4-ofs post-boarding) which makes it one of the best deck to deal with Sunsoul Phoenix at any given point in the game in my opinion. Oh, and I also joined Dragonborn about a week after winning the IQ, so the build I won with came from dozens of Gauntlets, a couple daily constructeds and some testing with Havoc (we ran pretty different builds in the IQ though). That being said I don't doubt that JJ and the team were testing and building around with Azurecannon at the same time as well.

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    I think you'll find that I created the mono sapphire list that everyone then copied, I believe me and fridged first unveiled it in a hextechs tournament. I also started the azurecannon stuff around the same time, which one guy used successfully when set 3 hit (can't remember his name), with the better updates coming later from Vaz and I.

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    Aye Vazrael is right at least from what we intended for the phoenix. When me and Mind build the decklist the prime concern was Cressida and BD. Though the phoenix served different purposes in those matchups. It did allow the mono ruby list do be well positioned "one last time" before the meta got too hostile, so we were pretty happy.

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