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Thread: Rock League Season 6 - Return of the rocks! (29th February 2016)

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    TenMoons VS Istabpepole 3/13/16

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    TenMoons VS Istabpepole 3/13/16

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    13/03/2016 week 3
    Deadjack 2-0 Reveillark

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    Why am i not getting in i did what it said?

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    Week 2 Game 1

    NephilimArmy 0 : Jugg 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by NephilimArmy View Post
    Week 2 Game 1

    NephilimArmy 0 : Jugg 2
    Confirmed (NephilimArmy was on krannok, I was on Bertram)

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    Week 3 Match 1
    Sugarcain 2 ( Rutherford Banks ) vs Ravarros 1 ( Bunoshi the Ruthless )

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    Week 3 Game 1

    Sugarcain (Rutherford Banks) 2 - 1 Ravarros (Bunoshi)

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    Quote Originally Posted by frizzman1 View Post
    Why am i not getting in i did what it said?
    It is all updated manually by one guy (Kroan)... it'll take a couple of days... just be patient the poor guy has to do all this by himself just to provide this free tourny to us.

    You can keep playing and your results will be updated the next time kroan does a batch.

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    It's true the last update of the listing was some time ago, but nothing listed in here will get lost and it's quite some work to get all the post pairs together and listed them up. Just keep track of your matches yourself and rest assured it will be added to the list sooner or later - in fact, though it might surely be interesting to see, it won't even change anything if the update wouldn't happen till past week 4.

    Just be aware that the 3rd week has started and therefore your first 3 matches will be the point-matches for this week!

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